Sauna relieves menopausal symptoms

The sauna can relieve the discomfort of menopause. Regular sauna sessions are an effective workout for the body. Mood, skin, sleep and hot flashes improve.
Sauna for menopausal symptoms

Sauna for menopausal symptoms

This thought may be new to you, but it actually works. Many passionate sauna users can confirm this. Almost every woman between the ages of 45 and 60 has to deal with menopausal symptoms. The reason for all these complaints is the sex hormone estrogen. Its production decreases noticeably during the menopause. The ovaries gradually stop producing estrogen. The decreasing estrogen level triggers typical symptoms – excessive sweat production, weight gain, skin dryness, swollen joints, heart palpitations, a depressed mood, sleep disturbances and much more.

Sauna lovers will be happy to know that sauna can help. The annoying side effects of menopause can be better endured by regular sauna bathing. You will sleep better, your skin will be more beautiful and hot flashes will be weaker. Let’s take a look at the most common complaints in detail below.

Sauna, sports & sage tea for hot flashes

Almost every woman complains about sweating during menopause. Often out of the blue for no apparent reason and up to 20 times a day. This can really take it out of you. Especially since subsequent shivering does not infrequently accompany the flushes. This is because the body desperately tries to regulate the body temperature down during sweating. So, how can a woman manage to keep her body temperature in balance? Among other things, through deliberate sweating.

Training for the body

The heat in the sauna chamber perfectly prepares for any hot flashes. Sweating through regular sauna sessions trains the body. It gets used to the heat surges and the thermoregulation succeeds better and better. As a result, hot flashes are less frequent and women feel less unwell. Just one visit a week is enough to achieve this training effect. The difference is usually noticeable after just one month.

Cooling down after a sauna session

It is important to cool down after each sauna session. Only then will your body learn to cope with extreme temperature fluctuations. You can support this thermoregulation effect through regular exercise. A large cup of sage tea also helps the body to compensate for fluctuating body temperatures.

Taking a sauna helps against dry skin

Another annoying consequence of declining estrogen production: itchy, dry skin all over the body. Estrogens ensure supple skin due to their function of binding water. When hormone levels drop during menopause, many women suffer from skin dryness. Sauna bathing provides relief. You may be asking yourself now: Isn’t sweating in the sauna rather counterproductive? Doesn’t the skin lose even more moisture? At first glance, yes. However, sweating in the sauna stimulates blood circulation in the skin. In the long run, this provides the skin with more water and nutrients. A well hydrated skin is a radiant and healthy skin. The more often you find time for sauna bathing, the better.

Our tip: To preserve the effect, you should apply cream after taking a sauna. Use an oil-rich cream or a high-quality skin oil. This keeps the moisture in the skin and helps against itching.

Sauna for better sleep

Sleep disturbances are not uncommon during menopause. The lack of estrogens is often to blame for this problem. This is because estrogens are not only responsible for temperature regulation in our bodies. They are also involved in the formation of sleep hormones. In what way does regular sauna bathing alleviate sleep disorders? The heat stimulates the body to produce melatonin. With enough melatonin in the blood, we succeed in falling asleep and staying asleep. It has been shown that regular sauna users have longer periods of deep sleep. And these are indispensable if we want to wake up in the morning healthy, alert and refreshed.

Is this something you can still do during menopause?

As we have seen, the body can indeed be exercised. And that too in the sauna – what could be better! But what else can you do to prepare for the physical changes of menopause?

In the pharmacy you can get useful preparations for menopause. For example, magnesium. This mineral is particularly important for sauna enthusiasts because it is sweated out. Our body depends on us to supply it with magnesium. It cannot produce it itself. Magnesium has two benefits: First, it increases general well-being. Take this mineral when your nerves are on edge again. Secondly, our bones need magnesium. It is important to note that it should always be taken in the evening. Then it also helps you to sleep better. If that’s not an all-round talent!

Sage against sweating

Several medicinal plants have been proven to have a symptom-relieving effect during menopause. First and foremost is sage: A 1998 research study found that sage extracts can help with hot flashes and night sweats. In twenty of the thirty subjects, the symptoms disappeared completely; in the others, they decreased significantly.

Lavender calms

Lavender is known for its calming effects during menopause. Because of the medicinal plant’s calming effect, it is often used to treat psychological stress and sleep disorders, two typical symptoms accompanying menopause.

Our infusion tip

In the sauna, sage and lavender essential oils can help relieve menopausal symptoms. For this purpose, the essential oils can simply be added to the infusion or vaporized with the water in the bio-sauna.


So there are a few things you can do to get through menopause well. Pay attention to your diet. Eat a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This will help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your muscles. Did you know that soy products can have a positive effect on hormone levels? Soy is a so-called phytoestrogen and even helps against osteoporosis! Just stop by the Chinese restaurant around the corner sometimes.


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