Sauna enjoyment with vision: Into the sauna with one-day contact lenses

Visits to the sauna are not only relaxing, but also have health benefits, especially in the cooler months of the year. A frequently asked question among spectacle and contact lens wearers is which visual aid is best suited for a visit to the sauna. The answer is clearly in favor of contact lenses, but there are some important points to consider.
Why contact lenses are the better choice
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Why contact lenses are the better choice

Contact lenses have a clear advantage over glasses in the hot and humid environment of the sauna. They do not fog up like glasses and offer permanently clear vision. This avoids tripping hazards and increases safety. In addition, contact lenses heat up evenly with the body, whereas spectacle frames, especially those made of metal, can become uncomfortably hot.

Hygiene and contact with water

Hygiene plays an important role when wearing contact lenses in the sauna. Germs can easily be deposited on lenses in damp environments such as plunge pools or in the shower. To avoid infections, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed in these areas. This also prevents the lenses from being accidentally rinsed out.

Special requirements in the dry sauna

In dry saunas with high temperatures and low humidity, contact lenses can dry out quickly. The tear film evaporates quickly, which leads to a foreign body sensation in the eye. Contact lens wearers should avoid the reflex of rubbing their eyes, as this can cause the lenses to slip out of place. Instead, it is recommended to blink more frequently and use rewetting drops. Sufficient fluid intake, preferably with mineral water, also helps to moisturize the eyes.

The right choice of contact lenses

One-day contact lenses are particularly recommended for use in the sauna. They are disposed of after use, which minimizes the risk of germ formation. Long-term lenses can form deposits more quickly due to the heat and humidity in the sauna, and should therefore be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Further tips for a safe sauna visit

  • Use moisturizing eye drops before your sauna session to prepare your eyes.
  • Contact lens wearers should moisturize their eyes regularly if they sweat a lot or are in very dry saunas.
  • Use silicone hydrogel contact lenses. They are particularly oxygen-permeable and make it easier to adapt to the sauna climate.

Recommendation for contact lenses: The Kuratorium Gutes Sehen (KGS) and other experts recommend daily disposable lenses for use in saunas. These are disposed of after the sauna, which minimizes the risk of germ formation. With these tips, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed and healthy sauna session with contact lenses.


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