Sauna: Effective anti-aging agent

Sweating makes you happy. That is why more and more people are drawn to the sauna, sanarium or classic steam bath. You feel that sweating is a real anti-aging miracle cure for the skin. In addition, the sauna acts as a booster for the immune system, metabolism and muscles.
Sauna as beauty secret number 1

Sauna as beauty secret number 1

Depth for beautiful skin

Proper care, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise ensure a positive outlook on life. Fitness, vitality and well-being are also effectively supported by regular sauna sessions – and anyone who feels completely healthy naturally also wants to look good for a long time. Pure, elastic and firm skin is a must for this. Dream skin is achieved by regular sauna bathing, which is much more effective than various classic cosmetic treatments: Because the heat in the hot air bath ensures the removal of waste products and stimulates blood circulation, the skin appears rosy afterwards and the complexion wonderfully fresh.

It is certain that cosmetic products are much more effective in the heat. That is why sauna visitors often apply masks to the face and hair during your sauna session. Various sauna businesses also offer high-quality cosmetic products, such as a particularly soothing body scrub. But also after the sauna, care oils and peelings, creams and lotions unfold their caring and restorative properties particularly effectively. Modern color light stimulation and oxygen systems further support the good effects on the skin’s appearance. They give a real kick to the skin elasticity.

Power for the immune system

The alternation of increased body temperature and subsequent cooling during sauna effectively trains the immune system. Visiting the sauna several times a week gives the body’s defenses a good boost. Almost any cold is quickly fought with it, risks for respiratory diseases are minimized. This is because the interplay of heating up and cooling down trains the adaptability of the entire vascular system and also improves the circulation of the mucous membranes in the long term.

Sauna is like a sports program

Sauna sessions challenge the whole body in a similar way to moderate exercise programs. The metabolism is activated, the blood pressure rises, the pulse increases: In the long term, this has similar positive effects as regular exercise. Sauna fans are less susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. According to medical research series, sauna sessions several times a week reduce the risks immensely. Because a trained heart is all around more resilient, even high blood pressure can be mitigated. However, people with pre-existing conditions should first consult a doctor before going to the sauna.

Sauna is the best relaxation

Stress relief, serenity, relaxation, new energy: Surveys of Germany’s more than 30 million sauna users show that they like to sweat to get away from it all. The intense heat stimuli also cause the muscles to loosen up. That is why many people appreciate just the sauna after sports. Sauna and sanarium visits are considered beneficial anti-aging activities to significantly improve their overall physical and mental constitution.

Anti-aging is the trend. Modern additional equipment complements the traditional sauna: Sound stimulation has a relaxing effect. Colored light therapies support skin elasticity. The new oxygen systems optimize the individual’s ability to absorb oxygen. This is because both the physical and mental constitution of the person is significantly improved by an optimized oxygen supply during the sauna visit.

Forever young?

Eternal youth is one of the ideals that we humans emulate. To get closer to the myth and to counteract various signs of aging, a balanced lifestyle with regular visits to the sauna has long proven its worth.


Suitable products for a beautiful skin:

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PraNaturals Refreshing Body Scrub

PraNaturals Dead Sea Luxury Salt Scrub pampers the skin with a lavish pinch of special minerals from the mysterious Dead Sea. These minerals are known to support the health of the body and skin and provide radiant beauty. Like a treasure hidden in a treasure chest, PraNaturals salt scrub is filled with the most precious ingredients the Dead Sea has to offer for an unparalleled skin care experience. A true luxury for the senses and the skin.

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