Proper skin care can also be relaxing

The sauna has many benefits for the skin. It is one of the oldest beauty rituals to cleanse and purify them. Not only is it a very nice way to relax after a long day, but it also stimulates microcirculation and opens pores to eliminate impurities for clear skin. And this wellness ritual is suitable for all skin types and should be used once or twice a week.
Five relaxing care tips for the skin

Five relaxing skin care tips

Taking care of your own body and caring for it is important and good for your physical as well as mental health. Often the morning or evening shower has to be enough, because it always has to be done quickly and we have to get back to other activities as soon as possible. But especially for our skin care we should take time now and then and more time. This is not only healthy, but also relaxing and connects body and soul. There are many ways to take care of your skin.

The classic sauna session

Some people shy away from going to the sauna for the first time. But this offers a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and skin care. There are also many different types of sauna based on different infusions as well as temperatures and duration. Due to the high temperature, the pores are opened and fat as well as impurities can escape.

After the sauna session, when you return to a cooler environment, the pores contract and the skin appears tighter and cleaner. In addition, it can absorb nourishing lotions very well in this state and regenerate. Peelings are also recommended after the sauna, as dead skin flakes are removed and the skin appears even smoother and more even.

The steam bath as an alternative to the sauna

A normal sauna is not suitable for every person, as it can be physically demanding due to the heat and can lead to circulatory problems in some people. The advantage of a steam bath is that the temperatures are lower and therefore more bearable.

A traditional Finnish sauna reaches temperatures of up to 212 °F, while a steam bath is only about 114,8 to 140 °F. Despite the lower temperature, it has great positive effects on the body. Due to the heavy sweating, a light detoxification process takes place.

In addition, the skin feels much softer and smoother. People who suffer from dry skin should also try the steam bath, as the skin is moisturized and less cracked. The skin regenerates itself through sweating, which eliminates the need for aggressive, chemical skin products. Thus, the steam bath is a good way to naturally combat pimples and skin problems, especially on the face and décolleté.

The steam bath only for the facial skin

Once you want to put all your attention on the facial skin, there is a possibility to make a steam bath in this particular area. The principle is the same as the normal steam bath. The difference is that the heat and steam are applied only to the facial skin through practical, easily available devices.

This opens the pores and, as with the sauna and steam bath, allows grease and impurities to escape. Through the heat you sweat and the resulting sweat flushes the impurities, such as blackheads, from the skin. For small blackheads, one application is enough to make them disappear. For larger pimples, you have to repeat the procedure a few times.

Overall, the blood circulation of the facial skin is stimulated, which in turn leads to regeneration and an even, smooth complexion. Again, the more often the application, the more convincing the result. And besides the more beautiful skin, the whole thing also leads to complete physical relaxation.

Liberating peeling

Peelings come in many different varieties and there are numerous ways to make them yourself from just a few ingredients. The advantage here is that you know exactly about the ingredients and their compatibility. Peelings can be used in many areas of skin care. For example, they help with pimples and blackheads. In this case, lemon is used as an ingredient, as it has an antibacterial effect and dries out the blemished areas.

A suitable peeling can also be used for cellulite. Very popular as an ingredient is salt, because this opens the pores and can provide relief for many complaints with its helpful components. Like lemon, the active ingredients of salt have an antibacterial effect and also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is very important in the case of cellulite.

Dead skin flakes are also removed from the skin by a coarse-grained peeling and it can regenerate. The overall appearance of the skin is healthier and smoother. Furthermore, rubbing the skin with a peeling is pure relaxation and can easily be incorporated into a weekend wellness day.

Relaxing while massaging

Massage is probably the most relaxing method of skin care. Here you can fully relax, let your thoughts run free and be pampered by a trained masseur. A massage not only has a positive effect on skin care, but here the focus is mainly on relaxation for the soul. The pressure exerted by the masseur releases tension in the body. In addition, the function of the organs can be stimulated and the aging process slowed down.

But there are countless other positive effects on the body. Since there are many different types of massage – such as Thai massage or Ayurvedic massage-, you should find out in advance what effects they each have.

But most massages have in common that an oil is used on the skin. This oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin. On top of that, the pores are opened and blood circulation is stimulated. Various additives such as herbs or other active ingredients can be added to the oil to produce further positive effects.


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