Perfectly conclude sauna experience: Hot or cold shower, that is the question here

What benefits does a regular sauna session, alternating between warm and low temperatures, have for the body and mind? We investigated this question and came to this conclusion.
Perfectly conclude sauna experience: Hot or cold shower, that is the question here
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What is the meaning behind the sauna routine?

A sauna session consists not only of spending time in the hot environment, but also of a certain sequence of activities. This sequence is often referred to as a “sauna routine” and usually involves alternating between a sauna and a cold shower. The purpose of this sequence is, among other things, purification and revitalization of the body.

Most sauna-goers swear by the regular alternation of hot baths and cold showers. This practice has many positive effects on the body and mind. The vessels are trained, the immune system is strengthened and the metabolism is stimulated.

Regularly alternating between warm and low temperatures while taking a sauna can protect you from infectious diseases and unwanted mood swings. It helps you keep a clear head and maintain your performance even in wet, cold and dark seasons.

How to prepare for the cold after the sauna session

After a sauna session, it is important to slowly prepare for the upcoming cool down. One simple way to do this is to spend a few minutes in the fresh air. Staying in the fresh air allows regulating the temperature of the skin and prepares the respiratory organs for the even colder cooling that will be felt during the cold water application.

The effect of deheating

The heat of the sauna provides a so-called de-warming effect in the body. However, spending time in the fresh air already stops this effect and prevents the body from cooling down too much. However, at the first signs of shivering, it is advisable to return to the warmth of the sauna area or a heated relaxation room.

Why the cold water application is important

Cold water application has a number of health benefits. One of them is the calming of the heart rate. The cold water causes the blood vessels to contract, resulting in a decrease in heartbeat.

Hardening of the body

In addition to calming the heart rate, the use of cold water also helps to harden the body. By regularly cooling down with cold water, the body gets used to the lower temperatures and can better adapt to them. This can protect you from colds and other health problems.

Soothing relaxation after the sauna

Hot shower fans already know: a pleasant, warm shower after a visit to the sauna can be immensely beneficial. Some people find warm water particularly pleasant on the skin without feeling the “shock effect” of cold water. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to your health to cool down even briefly with cold water in order to take full advantage of the positive effects of the temperature change.

Prevention of orthostasis after sauna

Cold water has another advantage: it prevents the blood from sinking into the lower half of the body, the so-called orthostasis, which can often lead to dizziness and nausea after leaving the sauna. Those who often feel cold after regular sauna sessions can avoid this by raising the water temperature to an individually comfortable temperature after the last cold infusion and ending the sauna ritual with a soothing warm shower, vigorous drying and rich skin care.

What is orthostasis?

Orthostasis is a medical term and refers to a change in blood pressure and circulation that can occur when standing up quickly from a lying or sitting position. This can cause blood to pool in the lower half of the body, temporarily reducing blood flow to the brain and causing dizziness, nausea and headaches.


A sauna routine that consists of spending time in a hot sauna and alternating between cold showers has a variety of positive effects on the body and mind. The alternation of hot and low temperatures trains the blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and protects against infectious diseases and mood swings. The cold water application after the sauna session calms the heartbeat, hardens the body and prevents orthostatic problems. A warm shower after a sauna session can also be very relaxing, but it is still beneficial for your health to cool down briefly with cold water to take advantage of the positive effects of the temperature change.


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