Mixed sauna rules: Respectful behavior in the sauna

How to behave respectfully in a mixed sauna? In this article you will find the most important rules to follow to ensure a harmonious and pleasant sauna experience for all.
Respectful behavior in the sauna: rules for a pleasant atmosphere
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Respectful behavior in the sauna: rules for a pleasant atmosphere

The sauna is a place for relaxation and recreation, where you can leave everyday life behind and unwind. But especially in mixed sauna areas, it is important to show consideration for other guests and to behave respectfully. This is the only way to create a pleasant atmosphere in which you can completely relax.

In this article, you will learn what rules you should follow in the mixed sauna and how best to prepare for a sauna visit. Get inspired and learn how to make the sauna a place of rest and relaxation.

Respectful behavior towards other sauna guests

In a mixed sauna, it is especially important to be considerate of the other guests. This means refraining from loud conversations and instead speaking softly or remaining silent altogether. It is also better to apply body lotion before or after a sauna visit so as not to disturb other guests.

Sauna towel and seat pad

Another important aspect is the use of a sauna towel as a seat pad. The towel should be placed on the bench before sitting or lying down. This prevents you from lying directly with your body on the bench and transferring bacteria or viruses.

Body care in the sauna

Although you sweat in the sauna, you should not do without personal hygiene. However, you should be careful not to disturb other guests. This means that you should refrain from using perfumed deodorants or other strong-smelling body care products. Foot care is also taboo in the sauna, as this could look unappetizing and disturb other guests.

Hygiene in the sauna

In the sauna, it is especially important to pay attention to hygiene. This includes taking a thorough shower before going to the sauna and not using a sauna towel that smells of sweat in the sauna. You should also shower again after your sauna session to remove sweat and bacteria from your skin. Towels or bathrobes should be hung outside the sauna to prevent the spread of germs.

Safety in the sauna

In addition to due respect for other guests and adherence to hygiene measures, your own health also plays an important role. This includes drinking enough before visiting the sauna to prevent dehydration. Alcohol or drugs should also be taboo, as they can increase the risk of circulatory problems. If you feel unwell, such as dizziness or malaise, you should leave the sauna immediately and cool down.

No staring at other sauna guests

To ensure respectful interaction in the sauna, you should behave appropriately. For example, it is not appropriate to stare at or harass other sauna-goers. Such behavior can quickly become unpleasant and disrupt the relaxation of other guests. Therefore, you should always be aware that you are in a public space and be considerate of the privacy of other guests accordingly.

Exhibitionist behavior

When choosing a place to sit in the sauna, one should also be considerate of the other guests. For example, care should be taken not to sit too openly or too exposed in order to respect the privacy of other sauna guests. There are things that not everyone needs to see, and so you should try to be as discreet as possible.


In the mixed sauna, it is important to follow some rules in order to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for all guests. Respectful behavior towards other guests, the use of sauna towels and seat mats, and the observance of hygiene and safety measures are crucial.

Those who follow these rules can enjoy the sauna to the fullest and relax optimally. It is therefore worthwhile to find out about the applicable rules before visiting the sauna and to observe them consistently. Only in this way can you have a successful sauna day and feel completely at ease.


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