Is it worth buying a barrel sauna?

A sauna gives above all vitality and new energy, that's for sure. But what if it also becomes a real eye-catcher in your garden? This is easily possible with one of the original barrel saunas, which are currently in great demand. We have taken a closer look for you and explain below whether the purchase is worth it.
Your own barrel sauna in the garden

Your own barrel sauna in the garden

Setting up a barrel sauna, also called a barrel sauna, in your home garden is a great investment in your health care. It has been proven that a visit to the sauna contributes positively to health and strengthens the immune system. In addition, such a sauna provides enough space to invite friends and acquaintances to take a sauna. The popular sauna barrels are available as a kit for self-assembly, but also ready assembled.

Advantages of a barrel sauna

The advantage of the barrel sauna is that it heats up very quickly. Due to the round shape of the sauna, there are no free corners, which allows the heat to circulate faster and reach the desired sauna temperature more quickly. This means that as the heat rises, the sauna is always hotter at the top than at the bottom. In a square sauna cabin, the heat builds up in the upper area, where the user cannot feel the heat.

In a barrel sauna, the heat from the top is pushed down the sides and back into the sauna by the curvature of the room, while new heat rises from the heater. This allows the higher temperatures to reach deeper into the sauna and the heat to flow evenly through the room.

How long do barrel saunas last?

As with all saunas, the durability of these models depends on various factors. These include, first and foremost, the type of wood used. Depending on the material, the barrel sauna is said to have a lifespan of over 50 years. As a rule, special thermal woods are used, which last particularly long. However, well-known representatives such as spruce or pine are also conceivable.

In addition, the lifespan of a barrel sauna naturally depends on the weather conditions to which it is exposed, because every type of wood weathers sooner or later. In addition, of course, it also matters how often you use the barrel sauna and the quality of its technical equipment. It goes without saying that over the years, the electrical equipment not only wears out, but also becomes obsolete.

What types of wood are suitable for a barrel sauna?

When it comes to sauna wood, hemlock is the most affordable option due to its low cost and high durability (it hardens with age). It is an excellent choice for saunas because it is less rot resistant than cedar. However, it is not the best choice for tough outdoor use due to its lower resistance to insects.

Nordic spruce is an incredibly attractive wood with a light color and small, tight knots that impart a rustic, painterly aesthetic. It is one of the most cost-effective sauna woods on the market, combining durability, attractiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

The most common wood is cedar, which is wonderfully fragrant, durable, and insect and rot resistant. Even in very cold or high temperatures, it will not shrink or swell, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Its color, aroma, and durability are also why it fetches a comparable price.

How much does a barrel sauna cost?

First, the bad news: a barrel sauna usually costs significantly more than the indoor version. But in return, it is also much more original A smaller barrel sauna is already available from around 2,500 euros. As so often, there are no upper limits. The price depends thereby naturally also completely strongly on the individual desires. This includes the size as well as the type of wood or other features. You should also keep an eye on costs such as on-site assembly or special sealing work.

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The substructure for the sauna barrel is one of the costs of a barrel sauna

The sauna barrel should have a level and firm foundation to stand securely. First, choose a foundation that is frost-proof. This way, the sauna will have a solid foundation. Take into account the cost of the barrel sauna foundation when creating your budget. Of course, the floor under the barrel must also harmonize with the aesthetics of your garden. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to designing your own retreat.

What kind of stove is used in the barrel sauna?

The heater plays an important role in the overall sauna experience. Before investing in a barrel sauna, you should thoroughly research the topic of heating, as the heater is the beating heart of the sauna. In this case, you have to choose between two different heating technologies. The sauna barrel is heated either with a wood stove or with an electric stove, depending on what you prefer.

Both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh your options thoroughly beforehand. Using a wood stove is the traditional method of heating a barrel sauna . The wood stove helps to create a unique atmosphere. To operate an electric stove, it is important to have an electrical outlet.

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How long does it take to heat up?

The respective warm-up time depends on various factors. After all, a barrel sauna is usually located outdoors in the garden. This means that the outside temperature is significantly cooler than the one inside. This places special demands on the barrel sauna. In addition, there are factors such as the season, size and technical equipment (which heater is used?). For a smaller barrel sauna, a good half hour is often enough to heat up to around 90 degrees. Tip: Make the first infusion already during the warm-up time, because the slightly damp walls absorb the heat much faster.

Do barrel saunas need insulation?

Insulation is of course a sensible idea if you want to build your own outdoor sauna. However, it’s not necessary with a barrel sauna. Here are 6 reasons why you don’t need to add insulation to a barrel sauna.

  1. Barrel saunas are built using suitable wood species that have good natural resistance to the harsh outdoor elements.
  2. Wood is a good thermal insulator due to its low thermal conductivity.
  3. Due to its radius and round shape, the barrel sauna is ideal for optimal heat circulation.
  4. Due to the round shape, rain or snow will not stay on the roof.
  5. The sauna does not need to store heat when not in use, so no insulation is required.
  6. Operating costs do not increase if there is no insulation.


How to take care of a barrel sauna from the outside?

Use only appropriate wood care products for the exterior of your barrel sauna. In order for a sauna to function, the wood must be able to breathe. Applying wood paint removes this vital property, preventing the wood from getting air. The wood in the sauna helps to remove some of the moisture that accumulates in the sauna. When paint or glazes make this impossible, the wood begins to deform. As a result of wood movement, paints and glazes quickly flake or crack.

Therefore, use only recommended wood oils for the maintenance of your barrel sauna. It is best to lightly sand the wood surface of your barrel sauna before applying the oil to achieve maximum surface protection. This way, the wood can better absorb the oil. Also, make sure the wood is completely dry and dust-free before you begin.

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With a barrel sauna, every owner can express his creativity. They look like an oversized wine barrel and are thus made for relaxing hours. However, the cost is unfortunately much higher than that of an indoor sauna. In terms of comfort, however, the barrel sauna certainly does not have to hide! Most manufacturers offer many conveniences even in the smallest space and are in no way inferior to the conventional variant. Thus, a barrel sauna is by far not only a nice idea for wine lovers!


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