Barrel sauna

Your own barrel sauna in the garden

Is it worth buying a barrel sauna?

A sauna gives above all vitality and new energy, that’s for sure. But what if it also becomes a real eye-catcher in your garden? This is easily possible with one of the original barrel saunas, which are currently in great demand. We have taken a closer look for you and explain below whether the purchase is worth it.

Wood preservative varnishes for garden and barrel saunas

The best wood stains to protect a garden sauna

The purchase of a garden sauna or a barrel sauna are always an asset when it comes to relaxation of mind and soul. However, you also need to pay attention to how to properly care for the sauna from the outside to save your sauna from irreparable damage. With a good wood stain, the wood not only receives a protective coating, but also serves as an excellent barrier against external environmental influences.

An outdoor - barrel sauna for the garden

What is a barrel sauna?

What is a barrel sauna or also called barrel sauna? This trend has been on everyone’s lips at least since “Höhle der Löwen”. But what exactly is behind it?