What is a barrel sauna?

What is a barrel sauna or also called barrel sauna? This trend has been on everyone's lips at least since "Höhle der Löwen". But what exactly is behind it?
An outdoor - barrel sauna for the garden

A barrel sauna – barrel sauna for the garden

A few years ago, a young start-up made people sit up and take notice at the “Höhle der Löwen”. They presented a barrel sauna. Back then, this was certainly still a niche, but today mobile saunas are already a trend. But what exactly are they? And above all: How do I get such a sauna? We got to the bottom of these questions for you?

A sauna on wheels

The principle of the barrel sauna is quickly explained: it is a sauna built so compactly that it fits on a car trailer. The name comes from the shape. The construction is reminiscent of a large wine barrel. By the way, the first barrel sauna was actually made of an old wine barrel. Today, the constructions are specially made. So you do not need to fear bad smells.

One thing all these saunas have in common: in the smallest space you will find everything a sauna fan’s heart desires. A stove, benches, and windows. As a rule, the sauna can accommodate four to six people. So you can share the pleasure with family and friends.

The highlight of the barrel sauna is that it is designed as an outdoor sauna and can fit even in a relatively small garden. In terms of energy supply, the rolling sweat lodges are often designed to be self-sufficient. That is, they can be operated even on a calm lake. Owners can easily take them along on a car trailer. The compact barrel shape makes it possible.

Of course, sauna lovers can put in such a gem, but also permanently in the garden.

Buy or rent – as you like

To enjoy such a barrel sauna, you do not even have to buy one. There are quite a few providers who rent such saunas. Thanks to the compact design, you can take them anywhere. For example, you can fulfill your dream of spending pleasantly warm hours at your favorite lake. Or you can invite your friends to an extensive sauna session in your garden.

But if you are fully convinced by the concept, you can also buy such a sauna. This is not even expensive. For under 3000 euros you can find a robust all-inclusive solution. By the way, you don’t have to prove technical skills either: Supplied is always a fully equipped barrel. All you have to do is turn on the oven – and you’re ready to take a sauna in your garden. If you choose a model with wood firing, you don’t even need an electricity connection.

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