Is beneficial sweating also possible with psoriasis?

In addition to protecting against flu-like infections, saunas can also be helpful for skin diseases such as psoriasis. Patients with neurodermatitis also repeatedly tell of the beneficial effect of a sauna bath.
Can I go to the sauna with psoriasis?

Is it allowed to go to the sauna with psoriasis?

The beneficial effects of a relaxing sauna session on body and mind are manifold. The immune system is strengthened, colds and infections are prevented in a sensible way and healthy sleep is supported. When taking a sauna, the body is exposed to alternating heat and cooling stimuli. Due to this combination, the sauna exercises the blood vessels and leads, among other things, to a cleansing of the skin. People suffering from psoriasis crave relaxation just as much as others. However, there is a lack of scientific data on this subject. However, it is certain that sunlight seawater, and heat have a positive influence on the disease.

Typical features of psoriasis

Psoriasis is characterized by sharply defined, red, raised areas of skin that are covered with silvery-white scales and sometimes itch. The raised, reddened and scaly foci of psoriasis are also called plaques. In many cases, the scaly foci are the size of a coin or the palm of a hand and are often found symmetrically on both halves of the body. Usually, the plaques develop on the extensor side of the elbows and kneecaps and on the hairy part of the head. However, psoriasis can also develop on other areas of the skin, such as the belly button or genital area.

Is psoriasis contagious?

However, the disease affects others, the disease is not contagious! This is because the causes lie in the immune system of the affected person and cannot be transmitted. Contact with people affected by psoriasis can be made without hesitation. The social stigmatization of those affected is unnecessary and should be prevented as far as possible.

Which sauna is suitable for psoriasis patients?

Those suffering from psoriasis can sweat to their heart’s content. It makes no difference whether you sweat in a Finnish sauna or a bio-sauna. But one thing is certain: high humidity has positive effects on the skin. Therefore, you should also definitely make a detour to the steam bath. However, if you have very itchy or even weeping rashes, a sauna ban applies. In this case, it is an inflammatory process that could be aggravated by the heat. Therefore, in such a case, it is better to wait until the symptoms have completely subsided. After that, however, nothing speaks against an extended sauna bath.


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