How many times a week is it allowed to go to the sauna?

Taking a sauna is beneficial, pleasant and relaxing for your body. However, the full positive effect unfolds only if you sauna regularly. But how many times a week is sauna healthy?
How many times a week you can go to the sauna

How many times a week can you go to the sauna?

The most important benefit of saunas, according to sauna-goers, is “stress relief”. According to studies, most diseases (e.g. heart disease) are at least partly stress-related. Decades of well-conducted, peer-reviewed medical sauna research have demonstrated that saunas offer significant health benefits.

In a 25-year study of more than 2,300 people, Dr. Jari Laukkanen and his colleagues at the University of Eastern Finland found, among other things, that regular sauna use improves cardiovascular health. In summary, regular sauna sessions are a fantastic addition to your overall health and wellness regimen that you can both feel and take advantage of.

Sauna visits promote deeper sleep

Regular sauna sessions have been shown to promote deeper and calmer sleep. Along with the release of endorphins, body temperature drops at bedtime, which is highest in the late evening. This gradual, calming drop in endorphins is critical to promoting sleep. Sauna enthusiasts around the world love the deep sleep experiences that come from the calming heat of an evening sauna session.

Regular sauna visits cleanse the skin

For centuries, people have relied on hot sauna baths to cleanse and nourish their skin. Sweating flushes bacteria from the epidermis and sweat ducts of the skin. Capillary circulation is improved and the skin appears softer when the pores are cleansed. And these are just some benefits of regular sauna bathing.

How many times a week is it possible to go to the sauna?

The most important factor is consistency, because the positive effects on the body and mind are short-lived. To fully enjoy them and maximize their potential, a weekly “workout,” as you might call it, is required. The optimal number of sauna sessions varies from person to person. Beginners should approach this aspect with caution and go slowly. For most sauna users, one to three sauna sessions per week with three 8-15 minute intervals is sufficient for optimal health care.

In this way, you will achieve the maximum positive effect on your body. A larger number of sauna sessions per week is not always beneficial. First and foremost, you should always listen to your body. If you notice that one sauna session is too much for your body, you should leave the sauna and give your body a chance to cool down and rest.

How long should the rest period be before the next sauna session?

The body needs time to recover between sauna sessions. There are different opinions about the ideal duration of a rest break. While some suggest a break of 30 to 45 minutes, others recommend as a rule of thumb to take a break twice as long as the last sauna session. In no case should a break be shorter than the previous sauna session.

The most important factor to consider when determining the appropriate length of stay is your personal condition and well-being. The sauna visit should relax the body and at the same time strengthen the defenses of the immune system. If after an infusion you feel that your body needs a little more rest, then you should allow yourself that.

What else is there to consider?

For hygienic reasons, you should take a shower before and after your sauna session. If you are ill, you should avoid sauna visits at all costs, as they can seriously damage your immune system. A relaxing sauna visit also has the advantage of strengthening your immune system. You can gain a lot of new energy and strength from sauna visits if you follow certain sauna rules, drink enough fluids, and keep the duration of sauna sessions and the breaks in between according to the prescribed guidelines.

Beware of excessive use of the sauna

Remember that prolonged sauna sessions can have the opposite effect and weaken your body. After the sauna session, you should cool down a bit in the fresh air to enjoy the refreshing cold shower afterward. After cooling down, you should relax, drink fluids and definitely avoid strenuous activities. After all, the sauna visit should be a pleasant and relaxing experience.


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