Freshly showered in the sauna

After a hectic day, often only one thing helps: go to the sauna and switch off! But before the pleasure is showers announced. Why showering before the sauna is so important, we explain here in this article.
Why you should take a shower before a sauna session

Why you should shower before a sauna session

Freshly showered into the sauna. Sauna visits promote relaxation, help during switch-off, act as a wellness oasis and incidentally strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, the largest sensory organ called skin benefits from regular saunas. However, sauna visitors should follow certain rules before heading to the wellness oasis. These include using a textile towel. Refraining from conversation is also an important rule of conduct. In addition, sauna devotees usually visit the wellness oasis freshly showered.

Showering before a sauna visit

Hygienic reasons require showering before a sauna visit. Freshly showered visitors smell much more pleasant. Even if the body starts to sweat due to the high heat, it usually does not spread an unpleasant odor. Furthermore, the skin is more likely to benefit from the advantages of a sauna visit if the body is freshly showered.

Proper showering before a sauna visit

A shower before a sauna visit removes grease, dirt, sweat as well as unpleasant odors from the skin. Warm showers perform this task better than lukewarm or cold water. Furthermore, the body is prepared for the heat of the sauna. A cold shower, on the other hand, achieves the opposite effect.

Sweat, grease, dirt as well as residues of body lotions and body oils hinder the desired sweating in the sauna. In addition, the body should not be wet when you go to the sauna. In this condition, it does not sweat properly. In addition, it takes much longer for the sweating process to even begin. That’s why sauna-goers dry off after showering before going into the sauna. Dry skin sweats much better. This is how a sauna visit achieves the desired effect on skin, health and soul.

Warm foot bath before sauna

Sauna visitors who have a little more time can take a warm foot bath before their sauna session. This has a positive effect on the sauna experience. Warm foot baths stimulate the sweating process. They train the sweat glands. Health experts divide the feet into different reflex zones. With the help of foot massages, all organs in the body can be stimulated in a targeted manner. The same applies to optimal sweating in the sauna. The warm foot bath ensures a uniform blood circulation in the feet. However, this causes all blood vessels to dilate in the entire body.

This is due to the reaction connection mentioned above. The nerve cells of the sole of the foot trigger a reflex. This is transmitted to the entire skin organ, which is why the sweat glands start working.

Peeling shower before a sauna visit

The peeling shower also achieves an effective effect with regard to a proper sauna session. The gentle granules remove dead skin cells. Moreover, the body scrub stimulates blood circulation during the shower. Thus, the skin is perfectly prepared for a sauna session. Due to the removed dead skin cells and improved blood circulation, the body sweats better.


Showering before a sauna session is essential for hygienic reasons and ensures a pleasant body odor. In addition, the skin benefits more from the sauna when it is freshly cleaned. A warm shower removes grease, dirt, and sweat from the skin, while cold water may interfere with the desired effect. Before going to the sauna, make sure the body is dry, because damp skin does not sweat properly.

A warm foot bath before going to the sauna promotes the sweating process and improves blood circulation. An exfoliating shower removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation, so you sweat more intensively during the sauna session. If you shower before going to the sauna and take these additional measures, you can achieve the desired effect for your skin, health and well-being.


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