Calf cramp after sauna

Calf cramps can occur at any time of the day. However, if you regularly get calf cramps after a sauna bath, it could possibly be due to low calcium, magnesium or vitamin C levels.
Calf cramps as an alarm signal

Calf cramps as an alarm signal

Suddenly there is a stinging in the calf, walking is hardly possible. A clear case: a nasty calf cramp. Many people occasionally suffer from this extremely unpleasant phenomenon. Even when they have just come out of the sauna. But how can this be? After all, the pleasant warmth ensures that the muscles relax. We have done some research for you – and explain the causes in this text. Of course, we’ll also tell you how to avoid this painful phenomenon.

What is a calf cramp?

A cramp occurs when the muscles suddenly contract. This often happens after sports or other exertion. Especially swimmers are affected by the misery. For them, such a calf cramp is also particularly dangerous: the pain severely restricts the leg stroke.

As unpleasant as the cramp is, it also disappears again quickly. Usually, after a few minutes, there is peace again. This is because the pain is the result of fewer involuntary muscle movements.

Normally, these cramps are harmless. However, if they occur frequently, the pain is a reason to see a doctor. It may be that they are precursors of a serious disease.

And what does this have to do with the sauna?

Now, you will surely ask yourself why quite a few people suffer from calf cramps after a healthy sweat bath. After all, the minutes spent in the pleasant warmth have nothing to do with exertion. On the contrary, muscles relax particularly well in the heat.

To get to the bottom of this phenomenon, we need to look at another cause of cramps: Disturbances in electrolyte and water balance. For muscles to work properly, they need minerals and especially fluids. The body loses both in the sauna with sweat. If you then move your legs, these unpleasant contractions can occur.

What to do

If the pain stings you, it is harmless. Nevertheless, this is a situation that should pass as soon as possible. To speed it up, there are some measures you can take. First, you should bend and stretch your legs. This way, you will make sure that the muscles are busy and cannot contract without warning. You can achieve a similar effect by standing on your toes for a short while. A light massage is also helpful. By applying light pressure, you loosen the affected muscles and they relax again.

Since a cramp that occurs in the sauna is usually due to a disturbance of the fluid balance, you should also immediately reach for a water bottle. In this way, you will give your body back much-needed minerals. It may also be advisable to take magnesium. Therefore, you should take a few vitamin effervescent tablets with you to the sauna. This makes sense, especially if you regularly suffer from cramps.

How to prevent calf cramps

The best thing, however, is to prevent the pain from hitting in the first place. That’s why you should drink plenty of fluids in the sauna. However, please do not reach for sugary sodas. They also count as liquids, but they are quite unhealthy. It is better to drink natural mineral water. This not only replenishes the fluid balance. It also contains valuable minerals, such as magnesium.

To keep yourself optimally hydrated, you should drink a large glass after each sauna session. This may sound like a lot, but it is necessary. After all, you lose a lot of fluid through sweat in the heat. During an infusion, this can easily be half a liter. This is water that the body urgently needs again.


Calf cramps can occur after sports or a visit to the sauna. The cause is a disturbance of the electrolyte and water balance due to fluid loss during sweating. To prevent cramps, you should drink enough, preferably natural mineral water, and compensate for fluid loss. When a cramp occurs, bending and stretching the legs, standing on tiptoe, and light massage can help. Additionally, magnesium and vitamin effervescent tablets can be taken.


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