Bacteria and germs in the sauna

Where there are people, bacteria and germs lurk. The sauna is no exception. We tell you how you can protect yourself.
Lack of hygiene in the sauna threatens disease

Lack of hygiene in the sauna threatens disease

Bacteria and germs in the sauna. Everyone carries around a lot of bacteria and germs. This is not really a cause for concern. But: It is possible that diseases are transmitted in this way. This is a danger that also lurks in the sauna. After all, most of us are naked in the sauna, which is a particularly effective way of spreading pathogens.

Because public baths are so busy, the heat doesn’t kill off the invisible dangers either. It simply doesn’t have the time. That’s why you should follow a few rules when enjoying your favorite hobby.

Beware of athlete’s foot spores

When it comes to contagious diseases in the sauna, athlete’s foot comes to mind for most people. Skin diseases like this are actually the biggest danger, too. After all, sauna-goers have lots of skin contact – even if only indirectly. They all walk across the same floor, for example. The pathogens settle there – and someone else takes them with them. The result is a troublesome fungal infection, for example.

Not even bathing sandals are able to reliably protect you from nail fungus. If your immune system is under attack, viruses have an especially easy time of it.

Beware of genital warts

Other skin diseases such as genital warts can also be transmitted in the sauna. For example, if you sit on a chair where an infected person has been sitting. This also has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene in the respective establishment. No employee can disinfect the facility as quickly as the viruses spread.

Nor does the virus distributor necessarily have to be aware of the danger. After infection, the pathogens for warts can lie dormant in the body for months. However, they are contagious from day one.

Bacteria and germs – the great danger

But not only germs and viruses hide in the sauna area. Bacteria also lurk on wooden benches and deck chairs. Some of them may even have developed resistance to antibiotics. These bacteria can transmit serious diseases, such as inflammation. The nasty thing is that they usually infect people who are already ill. This is because their immune system is weakened and the risk of infection is therefore particularly high.

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all

But we don’t want you to panic before your next visit to the sauna. What is important is that you are aware of the risk of infection – and follow a few important rules.

The most effective weapon in the fight against germs is your towel. You should always have it with you – and always sit on it. That way, you only ever come into contact with your own germs in the particularly sensitive areas. Infection is therefore as good as impossible.

Our tip against bacteria and germs in the sauna

You should also wear bathing sandals (at Amazon). They won’t protect you from nail fungus, but they are an effective weapon against athlete’s foot. But the shoes alone are not enough. You should also use those taps with disinfectant. They are available in every bathing facility. Just use them when you come and when you go. In this way, you will prevent yourself from spreading germs in the sauna. On the other hand, you effectively rinse off pathogens after your bathing day.


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