Autumn calls for sauna

The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning yellow and the need for warmth is increasing. How nice it is to sit on wooden benches and enjoy the cozy warmth. Afterward, perhaps recharge your batteries in the whirlpool for a few minutes.
Sauna bathing in autumn

Sauna bathing in autumn

Autumn calls for sauna bathing. But a sauna bath is not only nice in autumn. Your health benefits especially from the relaxing hours during this time. We have collected five reasons for you why you should take a sauna, especially in autumn.

1. Sauna helps against the autumn blues

Sure, when the temperatures drop, the leaves turn colors. This makes for a beautiful, colorful picture. But all this cannot hide the fact that the nights are getting longer and the days shorter. For us humans, this has a negative impact on our mood. After all, we need the sun to produce endorphins. If it no longer shines, our mood deteriorates. This can even lead to depression. But you can prevent it by taking regular saunas. There are various sweat rooms that rely on the concept of colored light*. Choose a sauna with yellow light. Just 15 minutes in the pleasant warmth will lift your spirits.

2. Sweating strengthens the immune system

When it gets cold, the risk of catching a cold increases tremendously. First, this has nothing to do with the cold itself. Nevertheless, the temperatures indirectly hit the immune system. You probably move less in the fresh air and spend more time indoors. Here, viruses and bacteria can spread particularly well. Every sneeze and cough is an attack on the immune system. To strengthen it, you should take regular saunas. The relaxing hours in the heat protect your organism from the organism for several reasons – among others, the high temperatures activate the useful killer cells.

3. Relaxing hours in the heat

Did you know that November is the month when the least number of vacation days are taken? Also, there are not particularly many holidays in this month. That’s why you should take extra care of yourself. Take time off. What could be better than spending a few hours in the sauna? In the heat, you have the opportunity to come to yourself and let your soul dangle. Take a deep breath and don’t let stress and hectic pace get the better of you. After all, you want to start the holiday season fit, don’t you?

4. Sauna relieves insomnia

Are you also one of those people who have trouble falling asleep at night? That’s probably especially bad around the time change in October. But many people also have problems falling asleep and staying asleep during the cold season. This is because the body first has to adjust to the new season. Help it to do so and visit the sauna regularly. The pleasant warmth helps the organism to produce melatonin. This hormone is important for healthy sleep. However, you should not do much after visiting the sauna. Heavy food is also taboo. It is better to go straight to bed.

5. Clear skin thanks to warmth

Many people struggle with skin problems in autumn. This is because this large organ also has to adapt to these new conditions first. The consequences are clearly visible: skin blemishes, redness, and pimples. But the relaxing hours in the sauna also help against this. All that sweating acts on the skin like a kind of peeling: the sweat flushes away bacteria and other harmful substances. You can even intensify the effect: Simply visit the salt infusion. The white crystal* completely removes all harmful residues from your skin.



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