With piercing in the sauna?

In the sauna you feel relaxed and comfortable, but can I go to the sauna with piercing. Can a piercing cause burns? The editorial team has compiled some suggestions and tips.
Can I go to the sauna with a fresh piercing and what do I have to consider?

Can I go to the sauna with a fresh piercing, and what do I have to consider?

With piercing into the sauna. Piercings never go out of fashion. Whether it’s the simple ear-piercing, a plug in the eyebrow or a pierced belly button – many love their body jewelry and want to show it off. The sauna is a great place for this, because after all, everyone is naked there in our latitudes.

But so simply with the plug in the heat? Won’t it get warm? These are questions that plague many people with body jewelry – and we want to clear them up. We’ll also tell you what to watch out for when you have a new piercing.

Skin burn not excluded

One thing first: There is usually no danger to the jewelry itself. Not even if it is made of plastic. The materials can all cope with temperatures up to 100 degrees. It should rarely get warmer than that. So that’s not the problem. However, it can get hotter when it comes into contact with the body. Many plugs are made of metal. This in turn heats up quickly and stores the heat. So you can get severe burns from the jewelry. This is especially true if the piercing is freely movable in the body. In such a case, you can simply remove it before going to the sauna and keep it safe.

Jewel under the skin

The situation is different if your piercing is very close to the skin – and is in constant contact. Then it benefits from the heat conductivity of your body. Sure, it also gets warm. However, the organism cools the material down again immediately by touching it. There is actually no risk of burns in this case. Nevertheless, the feeling can become a little unpleasant for the sauna-goer. However, this always depends on individual people and their perception of pain.

If your body is adorned with such a plug, just try it. There are no health concerns. If you wear a piece of jewelry under your skin that you cannot easily remove, basically the same rules apply. There is no danger. You have to test what is comfortable for you.

Freshly piercing – better wait for the healing time!

If the jewelry is freshly pierced, you have to be careful in any case. The wound may not be completely healed yet. The heated metal will hinder or even reverse the important healing process. The heat could irritate the skin so much that the wound ruptures again. Plus, you’ll naturally sweat in the sauna. The sweat could flush germs from the environment into the open wound – risk of infection. Inflammations could develop, which could even force you to completely renounce jewelry at this location.

Experience from the piercer

But how long do you have to wait? There is no general answer to this question. Ask your piercer or doctor about the healing time, and also tell him that you are planning a visit to the sauna. He has experience and can give you a guideline. But before you go into the pleasant warmth, you should check the piercing canal once again. Has it really healed completely? Even if the healing time is actually over, the canal may still be a little inflamed. If this is the case, better wait a while – the next visit to the sauna will surely come.

Clean piercing wound

In order for the wounds to heal faster, they also need to be treated. For this reason, it is important to carefully clean the puncture site with saline solution several times a day. These are offered in most pharmacies, grocery stores and also online stores. However, any solution designed for contact lenses should not be used. Piercing wounds should be cleaned as gently as possible. Alcohol, hand sanitizers and harsh soaps should not be used. Before cleaning, hands must be thoroughly washed with soapy water.

Shower instead of bath

During the healing phase, one should refrain from bathing. Shampoo, soap or bacteria could thus penetrate the perforations unhindered. It is also better to avoid going to the solarium and wearing tight-fitting clothing.

What can I do if my piercing does not heal?

Avoid skin irritation and re-opening the wound so that the healing process is not delayed. Sure, it’s easy to be tempted to keep touching the piercing. But it is important, especially in the phase of wound healing, not to cause infection. With most piercings, a lot of patience is required. Between 2 and 6 months must be calculated in, in some cases it can take up to 12 months until the piercing is completely healed. The right jewelry is also crucial for a fast healing. It is best to get advice in a piercing studio and trust the opinion of the piercer. So with a freshly pierced you need some patience and the right piercing care can support the healing process.

Care products – after piercing

For antibacterial cleaning and care of piercings

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