With a pacemaker in the sauna?

Especially in the winter time, many people are drawn to the sauna for relaxation. In principle, the sauna stay is also highly recommended. It strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems. But what about patients who already have heart disease and wear a pacemaker? Are they allowed in the sauna and if so, under what conditions?
Can I go to the sauna with a pacemaker?

Can I go to the sauna with a pacemaker?

Going to the sauna with a pacemaker – is that a good idea? In this respect, doctors can give their patients the all-clear: In principle, patients who wear a pacemaker may also enjoy a sauna session. The pacemaker itself does not suffer from the heat. However, anyone who has had a heart attack or suffers from heart failure should keep a few things in mind when taking a sauna. This is important in order not to overload the heart. You will learn what to look for if you have a cardiovascular problem in the next sections.

With pacemaker in the sauna – in principle not prohibited

If you wear a pacemaker, you may in principle also visit the sauna. To protect your heart, however, you should follow a few guidelines when taking a sauna. For people with heart disease, the heat can even put a strain on the circulatory system. Therefore, it is always important for heart patients to avoid extremes. These include, for example, excessively high temperatures and excessive temperature changes.

Observe maximum temperature for heart problems

First of all, doctors recommend sauna lovers with pacemakers not to set the maximum temperature too high when taking a sauna. This is purely a precautionary measure to avoid any risk. Ideally, the temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius when visiting the sauna. Even higher temperatures can put too much strain on the cardiovascular system for people with heart problems.

Avoid the plunge pool after taking a sauna

Furthermore, it is advisable not to visit the plunge pool after sweating. Cooling them down too much could overload their ailing hearts. According to heart experts, it is better to cool down the body slowly. This works best in a tank with a water temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Listen to your own body

In general, heart patients should always listen to their body’s signals when taking a sauna. If heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias or other circulatory problems occur during the course, the stay must be terminated. With such discomfort, it is best to rest in a well-tempered environment. Put your legs up and make sure you stay hydrated. If the problems persist, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

What patients with other heart diseases should watch out for

Caution applies not only to patients with heart failure and cardiac conditions that require a pacemaker. Patients with other cardiovascular problems should also observe some precautions when taking a sauna. For example, patients after a stroke must not sweat at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. This also applies to infusions. It is best to ask the sauna master what temperatures are achieved during the different infusions. If in doubt, it is better to do without. Ice cold water should also be avoided.

In addition, in case of heart failure and many other heart diseases: It is better to sweat while sitting. Then the return flow of blood to the heart can be best regulated. If you suffer from high blood pressure, this is also not an obstacle to visiting the sauna. Even then, however, you should stick to the maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. However, be sure to cool your body down slowly. It is also important that you stay in the heat for no more than ten minutes.


All in all, it is basically possible for people with heart disease to relax during a visit to the sauna. This also applies to people with pacemakers. This is not affected by the heat and humidity in its operation. However, you must follow a few precautions to protect your heart and circulation. In particular, it is important that you avoid extremes such as too much heat and excessive temperature fluctuations. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing and soothing sauna experience.

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