Why you should not give up sauna in Corona times

The Coronavirus has been accompanying our everyday life since March. Furthermore, it dominates in all areas of life. At the moment, nothing is the way it used to be. Spacing rules while shopping, masks in grocery stores, and canceled vacations are a small part of the impact of the Coronavirus.
Sauna in the times of Corona

Taking a sauna in the times of Corona

Wellness areas such as beauty salons, swimming pools, hair salons and saunas are also resuming operations after being closed for several weeks – under strict hygiene regulations. Regular sauna-goers asked themselves the question during the ban: How does a visit to the sauna affect the virus? Or is it possible to support the immune system with the help of sauna?

The Coronavirus capitulates at the high sauna temperatures

Those who visit a sauna twice a week strengthen their immune system. This needs intensive strengthening, especially in the pandemic period. In general, neither viruses nor coronaviruses like intense heat. The German Institute for Health Research confirms that both dry salt inhalations and sauna heat have an effect against the Coronavirus: SARS-CoV viruses take flight at high sauna temperatures. Already at 38 degrees Celsius (100,4 °F) , their infection strength decreases. The high humidity present in a sauna is also not good for the viruses.

15 minutes can already wipe out the viruses permanently

If, on the other hand, you spend just fifteen minutes at 56 degrees Celsius (132,8 °F), you will reliably kill the viruses. This approach effectively combats the Coronavirus. The saying that sauna-goers definitely live longer is obviously true. After all, the heat cabin strengthens not only the natural defense system, but also the cardiovascular system.

To sustainably strengthen the immune system, sauna-goers should visit their meditation oasis between once and twice a week. Studies have confirmed that immunity increases after only eight to twelve weeks. In the case of acute and chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, those affected should consult their doctor. If, on the other hand, it is the flu or a cold, sauna fans should first cure themselves before visiting the sweat cabin.


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