What is meant by a bathrobe requirement in sauna facilities?

While nudity is mandatory inside the sauna cabin in Germany, bathrobes are usually mandatory in the rest of the sauna facility. In the following article we explain what the bathrobe obligation is all about.

What is a bathrobe requirement?

More and more sauna operators are making it compulsory to wear a bathrobe at the request of the majority of their sauna guests. This means that the sauna guest should wear a bathrobe outside the sauna cabin, the pool and the open-air area, i.e. in the remaining area of the sauna facility.

Why the bathrobe obligation?

It is more aesthetic to keep your body covered, for example, in the restaurant of the sauna facility and not have to watch naked people eating. In addition, it has the advantage for the sauna guest that his body is kept comfortably warm by the cuddly bathrobe. Furthermore, it is a question of hygiene not to sit naked on the restaurant seating or to lie on the relaxation loungers.

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Timeless bathrobe for women and men. The classic unisex bathrobe for him and her is made of 100% cotton with a material weight of about 350 g/sqm. The bathrobe convinces with its absorbency and good wearing comfort. It has a shawl collar and two patch pockets incl. belt. The bathrobe is extra easy to clean, washable up to 95 °C (203 °F) and also suitable for tumble dryer.

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Are there alternatives to the bathrobe?

Alternatives could be, for example, the increasingly popular sauna kilt and the hammam towel. However, one should keep in mind that these do not cover the body as far as the classic bathrobes.

Sauna kilt as an alternative to the bathrobe

The sauna kilt is often worn in the sauna cabin by men and women who do not want to expose themselves completely. Although nudity is compulsory, this is absolutely legitimate. The absorbent terry cloth usually has a Velcro closure and fits perfectly, so that the sauna-goer is spared an exposing slipping of the towel. The kilt is worn by men more or less as a sauna skirt, while for women it resembles an off-the-shoulder dress that reaches to the knees.

Often sauna kilts even have pockets sewn on them, so that various utensils such as the spin key can be stowed in them. The kilt replaces the otherwise obligatory sauna towel in the sauna cabin, which is intended to prevent sweat from dripping onto the wooden surfaces of the sauna cabin. The kilt comes in a variety of solid colors, so it certainly appears more fashionable than tried-and-true sauna towels.

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Kilts are the perfect sauna companions, they are particularly absorbent and lie softly on the skin. The elastic band, the width adjustment and the high-quality terry cloth quality offer a pleasant wearing comfort and a secure fit. In addition, there is still a practical outer pocket on the side with high-quality Schiesser embroidery, in which all important things find their place. The sauna kilts from Schiesser are made of 100% cotton, are washable at 60 °C as well as suitable for tumble drying and guarantee a high durability.

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Buying tip: Sauna kilt for men

The Schiesser sauna kilt is made of 100% cotton, is absorbent and very comfortable on the skin. The 3-stage snap fastener allows you to regulate the width of the kilt and thus adjust it individually. The built-in elastic adjusts and provides a secure fit. It can be washed at 60 °C (140 °F) and is suitable for tumble drying.

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Hammam towel as an alternative to the bathrobe

The hammam cloth originally comes from Turkey, where it has been worn by men and women for centuries during Turkish steam baths or used as a seat pad. Men wrap the cloth around their hips, while women cover their upper body with it. The body covering is a real eye-catcher with its many color and pattern variations, as well as fringes on the underside.

The light cloth is usually not made of absorbent terry cloth like classic sauna towels, but of cotton or linen, which is rather a disadvantage for sweaty saunas. However, the advantage is that pure cotton has an antibacterial effect and is therefore more hygienic than conventional sauna towels. In addition, the chic cloth can also be used, for example, as a beach towel at the seaside, body covering at the pool on vacation or as a stylish bedspread for the bed.

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This Happy Towel can be used very well as a sauna towel or bath towel. Because it absorbs a lot of moisture. Nevertheless, it is flexible, light and dries very quickly. The advantage of such a hammantowel is that it takes up less space in your luggage and is lighter than a normal bath towel. Each hammam towel is handmade and is made of 60% bamboo and 40% organic cotton.

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If there is a bathrobe obligation, sauna guests should wear classic bathrobes. It is best to inquire about the applicable house rules when visiting the sauna for the first time, because the obligation does not necessarily apply in all saunas. Sauna kilte and Hamamtücher are a, quite also more fashionable, alternative to sauna towel. They also allow sauna lovers, who do not like to show themselves naked to strangers, to enjoy the pleasant sauna experience. Try it out!


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