The secret of the centenarians revealed – A study on longevity and quality of life

People who live long and happy lives are a fascinating phenomenon. How do some people manage to live to be over a hundred years old and still be full of vitality? A new study has asked this very question in an attempt to unlock the secrets of centenarians.
The search for the secret of a long and healthy life
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The search for the secret of a long and healthy life

In a world where life expectancy is constantly increasing, scientists are always on the lookout for the secret to a long and healthy life. A study has now looked at centenarians to find out what makes them different from other people and what factors contribute to their longevity. In this article, we will go over the results of this study and show what lifestyle habits and factors influence the longevity of these amazing people.

What makes centenarians so special?

The study, conducted by a team of scientists and doctors, examined the quality of life and longevity of centenarians. In doing so, the researchers looked at several factors that could have an impact on the health and well-being of centenarians.

One important factor that proved to be particularly significant in the study was diet. The centenarians in the study ate mostly fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Meat and other animal products played a rather minor role in their diet. A plant-based diet thus appears to be an important key to a long and healthy life.

Exercise and social contacts

Another factor that played a role in the study was exercise. The centenarians who participated in the study were more physically active than the average population. Many of them went for regular walks or engaged in light sports such as yoga or tai chi.

In addition to physical activity, social contacts were also an important factor. The centenarians in the study often had close friends and family members with whom they spent time regularly. So social contacts and active participation in life also seem to be an important factor in living a long and healthy life.

Genes and environmental factors

In addition to diet, exercise and social contact, genetic and environmental factors also play a role in the longevity and quality of life of centenarians. The study showed that some centenarians have a genetic predisposition to long life. However, there are also centenarians who do not have this predisposition and still live long and healthy lives.

Environmental factors such as air pollution, noise, and stress can also affect the health and quality of life of centenarians. It is therefore important to pay attention to a healthy environment and reduce stress as much as possible.

Source: Genetics of human longevity within an eco-evolutionary nature-nurture framework

Positive attitude and stress management

A positive attitude and effective stress management are also critical for a long and healthy life. Centenarians tend to be optimistic and handle stress well. Studies have shown that optimism and a positive attitude are associated with longer life expectancy and fewer chronic diseases.

Conclusion: the keys to a long and healthy life

The study on centenarians shows that several factors contribute to longevity. These include genetics, a healthy diet, regular exercise, social contacts and support, and a positive attitude and stress management. By considering these factors in our own lives, we can improve our chances of living a long and healthy life.

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