The price spiral is turning: Why a visit to the sauna is becoming more and more of a luxury

In recent years, the trend of wellness and relaxation has evolved into a luxury experience. A change can be observed in the area of sauna visits in particular, as more and more people perceive sauna visits as an exclusive pleasure. But why is that? Why a visit to the sauna is becoming more and more expensive and how this luxury trend has developed, we want to take a closer look at in this article.
From wellness to luxury: the evolution of the sauna visit
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From wellness to luxury: the evolution of the sauna visit

Visiting the sauna has changed in recent years from a simple wellness ritual to a luxury experience. While the sauna was originally considered a place for health promotion and relaxation, it has now evolved into an exclusive wellness oasis that often comes with an upscale price tag. There are many reasons for this development.

One of the main reasons for the increased luxury factor of sauna visits is the growing demand for high-quality wellness experiences. More and more people are looking for exclusive ways to relax and escape from stressful everyday life. Here, luxury saunas offer the opportunity to be pampered in an upscale environment and enjoy an exceptional wellness experience.

Another factor contributing to the development of sauna visits as a luxury experience is the growing range of exclusive saunas and spas. More and more hotels and wellness facilities are relying on high-quality equipment, special sauna infusions and additional wellness services to delight their guests. The prices for a sauna session in these exclusive facilities are correspondingly higher.

Rising operating costs for saunas also play a role in the trend toward luxury experiences. High energy costs for heating the saunas, investments in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and rising personnel costs mean that sauna operators have to raise their prices to remain economically viable.

Another aspect is the increasing demand for sustainable and high-quality products and services. More and more people are attaching importance to environmentally friendly sauna facilities, natural infusions and high-quality wellness offerings. Saunas that meet these requirements can charge higher prices, which in turn contributes to the luxury trend in sauna visits.

The luxury trend in sauna visits: Impacts and challenges

The trend toward luxury experiences in sauna visits has both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, luxury saunas and spas offer their guests a unique wellness experience that allows them to fully relax and escape the stressful daily grind. The high-quality equipment, special infusion rituals and additional wellness services provide an unforgettable experience and can help improve health and well-being.

Another advantage of luxurious saunas is the opportunity to relax and escape from everyday life in an exclusive setting. Often these facilities are embedded in idyllic landscapes or luxurious hotels, which creates a special ambience. This turns a visit to the sauna into a holistic wellness experience for all the senses.

However, the luxury trend in sauna visits also brings challenges. Especially for people with lower incomes or for families, the rising prices for sauna visits can be a financial burden. Saunas in the higher price segment are often more expensive than conventional saunas, so access to these exclusive experiences is not affordable for everyone. This can lead to social inequality, as only certain segments of the population can enjoy the benefits of a luxury sauna visit.

Another problem is the increasing commercialization of saunas and spas. While some saunas offer sustainable and high-quality services, there are also facilities that take advantage of the luxury trend and are only looking to make a profit. This can lead to a mixing of genuine wellness and commercial interests, which in turn can compromise the quality of the sauna experience.


The luxury trend in sauna visits has developed strongly in recent years, offering people the opportunity to relax and escape from everyday life in exclusive wellness oases. However, the increasing demand for high-quality and sustainable wellness experiences, as well as pricing and marketing challenges, are also factors shaping sauna visits as a luxury experience. Balancing exclusivity and accessibility is important to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reap the health and relaxation benefits of a sauna visit.


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