The interplay of light and music in the sauna – A special kind of sensory experience

Sauna is about relaxing and regenerating body and mind. The interplay of light and music plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. In this article, we would like to explain why it is worth using light and music in the sauna and what advantages this combination offers.
Light - The healing effect on body and mind
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Light – The healing effect on body and mind

Light is an important factor for our health and well-being. It can positively influence our body and mind and even help regenerate us. Especially in the sauna, light plays an important role in relaxing the body and mind.

It depends on the color of the light. Each color has a certain effect on our body and mind. Colors influence the human body not only optically, but also via light-sensitive skin sensors, which can lead to an uncontrolled influence on biochemical and biophysical processes. In doing so, they can influence the heartbeat, pulse and respiratory rate and increase or decrease blood pressure.

Colors influence mood and well-being in the sauna

In the sauna, the different colors influence people’s well-being and mood in different ways. Red is perceived as warm and conveys a sense of well-being. It also increases alertness and can increase energy and stamina.

The color orange, on the other hand, triggers a release of the “reward hormone” dopamine, which leads to motivation and joie de vivre. Orange tones therefore look strong, cheerful and invigorating.

Yellow, on the other hand, boosts self-confidence and encourages risk-taking. It can also inhibit anxiety and create comforting feelings, according to studies in experimental psychology.

Green, on the other hand, stands for growth and development and can trigger happiness hormones. It motivates you to do what you are doing, and even just a green pillow at home can have this effect.

The color blue has both a physiological and a psychological effect on human well-being. Physiologically, it conveys a feeling of calm, while psychologically it can be described as contentment. In this relaxed state, creativity is stimulated and performance is enhanced.

So overall, the different colors in the sauna can have a significant impact on people’s mood and well-being. From red to orange, yellow, green and blue, there are a variety of colors, each of which has its own effects and can thus be individually tailored to people’s needs and preferences.

Music – The power of sound

Music has been an important part of human culture for thousands of years and has become significant in many aspects of our lives. Thus, it also plays a crucial role in the sauna, as it can positively influence our mood and well-being.

The effect of music on our soul and body is scientifically proven. For example, music can influence the heartbeat and blood pressure, but also positively change our emotions and behavior. Soft, calm sounds have a soothing effect on us and can help us relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. They can help put us in a meditative state and calm our minds.

On the other hand, upbeat and rhythmic music can also brighten our mood and energize us. It can help us loosen up and give us more freedom of movement. Here, however, it is important to match the music to the situation in order to achieve a positive effect.

However, not only the type of music, but also the volume and sound are important factors that should be considered. Noises that are too loud or unpleasant can stress us out and even make us sick. Therefore, when choosing music and volume, make sure that they are pleasant and soothing.

The combination of light and music in the sauna – A perfect symbiosis

When light and music are combined in the sauna, a unique sensory experience is created. The combination of warm colors and relaxing music enhances the effect of regeneration and helps us to dwell deeply within ourselves. This way we can leave the stress of everyday life behind and recharge our batteries.

You should make sure that the music and lighting are well coordinated. The music should be adjusted in volume and rhythm to the lighting mood to create a perfect symbiosis. You should also make sure that the light is not too bright and does not blind your eyes.

Conclusion – light and music in the sauna

Sauna is about relaxing and regenerating the body and mind. The combination of light and music can play a decisive role. While the light has a healing effect on the body and mind, the music can lead us into deeper relaxation and leave behind the stress of everyday life. So the next time you are in the sauna, try it and be enchanted by the unique sensory experience of light and music.

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