Sauna: workout for the veins

Sauna sessions have always been used to induce a state of relaxation. When the heart rate increases and the blood vessels dilate, the blood flow in the skin increases. Sauna sessions are excellent for strengthening veins and promoting blood circulation.
Vascular training in the sauna

Vascular training in the sauna

When taking a sauna, the blood vessels are “trained” by the alternation of hot and cold stimuli. When it’s hot, the blood vessels dilate; when it’s cold, they contract. Your circulation is stimulated, and your metabolism is improved as a result. Consequently, exercising your blood vessels is one of the most important health benefits of saunas.

Improves the tone of the skin

Sauna can also be beneficial for your skin, although the details depend on your skin type. The heat of the sauna can help you shed dry skin flakes more easily, and sweating can also lead to better circulation and increased collagen production.

Sweating cleanses the pores

When your pores are cleansed by sweat, your skin will appear clearer after a sauna session. If you have eczema or psoriasis, doctors advise against sauna visits, as the condition can worsen. Prevent skin problems by consulting your dermatologist before visiting the sauna. Sauna sessions can become a breeding ground for germs and molds due to the high humidity, which can lead to skin conditions.

Cooling down after the sauna

The exchange of warm and low temperatures promotes blood circulation. As the blood vessels dilate due to the heat, more blood is pumped through the body. The organs are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. As a result of the cold shock, your body produces endorphins. These hormones, often called feel-good hormones, are a powerful ally in the fight against stress. They also improve your sleep and send a signal to your brain that reduces discomfort. After a cold shower, you will feel completely calm and energized!