Sauna visitors have a healthier heart

People who frequently visit a sauna are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. This has been scientifically proven and evaluated by an Austrian-Finnish research team. In this study, 1688 men and women were followed for 15 years. We explain why this is the case.
Sauna visits protect against heart attacks

Sauna visits protect against heart attacks

Sauna visitors have a healthier heart, that much is clear. Numerous scientists have already proven this fact with studies. They all come to the conclusion that people who sweat regularly suffer heart attacks less frequently. How much less frequently, there is disagreement. The Finns are particularly euphoric. They conclude that the risk is reduced by a whopping 30 percent. The British are the most pessimistic – they assume a reduction of ten percent. But one thing is certain: the risk is falling. But why is that actually the case? We have done some research and will explain it to you. But first we need to clarify one thing.

What promotes heart disease?

Many factors can trigger heart disease. But the most important one is high blood pressure. At this point, immediately good news: this is the factor that you can positively influence with sauna sessions. But let’s look at what high blood pressure actually is.

As you know, your body is supplied with blood by a complex system of arteries. The heart acts as a compressor, pumping blood around the body. It can happen that the arteries become too narrow – either due to blockages or other reasons. For the heart to do its job properly, the red juice must flow through the pipes at a certain pressure. If they’re too narrow, the pressure increases.

The fatal thing is that you don’t notice anything is wrong with you for a long period of time. You probably even feel quite fit. Only after a while do you notice the first symptoms: pain, burning or a strong feeling of pressure in the chest. Nausea, vomiting, or nosebleeds may also occur. When this happens, the disease is already quite advanced – and ultimately no longer curable. But don’t panic: You can still do something even then. Above all, you can prevent the disease. We’ll come to that later.

What does all this have to do with the heart?

You may have wondered what all this has to do with your heart. Well, it has to take care of the high pressure. A pretty strenuous task. And ultimately, it’s a muscle that increases in volume when under stress. That may not sound particularly dangerous in itself, but it is. Because at some point, the space becomes tight. As a result, the heart no longer functions properly. As a result, the blood supply is impaired and a dangerous circulatory system is set in motion. The vessels are not supplied with enough oxygen – and trade dies. This can also happen in your heart.

And here it becomes dangerous, especially if the coronary vessels are affected. Then there is the threat of a heart attack. An insidious disease, because in many cases it does not announce itself. In addition, untreated high blood pressure can also damage other important organs such as the kidneys or liver.

You can do something about it

But don’t panic, after all, researchers have found: Sauna-goers have healthier hearts. This is mainly because bathing in the heat prevents or alleviates circulatory disease. This stems from a simple mechanism:

In the heat, your arteries dilate and blood can flow comfortably through your body. When you step outside again, the arteries contract again – and blood pressure rises. This is a real workout for your arteries. They gain elasticity as a result. Sure, after your first visit, the effect won’t be very strong yet. But if you sweat regularly, you will successfully prevent heart failure.

Sauna can do even more for you

But sauna-goers also have healthier hearts because they regularly give themselves a rest. Researchers know that stress is one of the main factors that promotes high blood pressure. In the comforting warmth, you take time for yourself – and the stress falls away from you. Do this regularly, and you’ll effectively ensure a healthier heart.

In addition, your immune system is strengthened by regular sauna sessions and the common cold hardly stands a chance. We have already explained in detail how this works in another article. You’re probably wondering now what a cold has to do with your heart health. Well quite simply, whenever you are sick, this important muscle also suffers. In addition, a cold can also affect your cardiovascular system. In the worst case scenario, you’ll get heart muscle inflammation.

So you see, there are many good reasons to visit the sauna regularly. It’s healthy – and a lot of fun, too.


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