Sauna first or swimming first?

Sauna-goers who combine a visit to the swimming pool with a leisurely sauna session are often faced with the question of which activity to pursue first. She is concerned with whether the sauna is first and then swimming, or the other way around. The good news is that there is no rule for this.
How sauna and swimming complement each other

How sauna and swimming complement each other

Swim first

Whether the sauna bath or swimming comes first depends on a person’s individual preferences. However, it is worth activating the muscles beforehand. Playing a sport before taking a sauna has proven successful in practice in terms of subsequent muscle recovery. Taking a sauna after a workout helps the muscles to recover. Blood vessels dilate. Thus, blood circulation improves. The majority of athletes prefer this approach.

Sauna first

However, there is absolutely nothing against an extensive swim after a sauna session. According to experts, swimming after a sauna is both relaxing and invigorating. However, whether swimmers find this approach pleasant depends on the temperature difference between the water and the sauna. Swimming after a sauna session effectively lowers body temperature and invigorates both body and mind.

A smart combination

Those who combine swimming with saunas are also taking the right approach. The time-honored Finnish approach involves alternating between sauna and swimming pool. In Finland, wellness enthusiasts start with a ten-minute sauna session, then swim a few laps.

They do this slowly to lower their heart rate. They then visit the sauna again for another 10 minutes. This is followed by another round of swimming. They repeat this process as the mood takes them. Experts advise concluding this invigorating alternation between swimming pool and sauna with a cold bath.

Better safe than sorry

It doesn’t matter how sauna-goers proceed. However, smart athletes observe a pre-set standard time. They stay in the sauna no longer than 15 or 20 minutes. In this way, they prevent circulatory problems. In addition, they balance their fluid intake and drink at least two glasses of water after visiting the sauna.

People with health problems

However, people who suffer from high blood pressure should consult their doctor beforehand. Also, individuals with heart problems consult their health care provider first. Switching between the two activities can cause problems for those affected. The heat tends to have a bad effect on the health of these individuals. They should rather practice a slow swimming in warm water from the medical point of view.

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