Sauna and solarium

Sauna and solarium, does it go together? Under certain circumstances, yes, because both together can be healthy. We'll tell you what to look out for.
Sauna first or solarium after all?

Sauna first or solarium after all?

Sauna and solarium. Many like to combine a visit to the sauna and solarium. After all, in almost every spa there is a tanning bed. In this respect, it should be possible to use both facilities in one day without any problems, right? And yes, it is. But there are still a few things you should keep in mind. We’ll tell you what they are. We’ll also tell you what pregnant women should be aware of.

The sequence is crucial

If you want to tan when you visit the sauna, you can do so. As long as he first goes to the solarium and then to the sauna. Then, by the way, the artificial sun can also be good for your health. Especially in winter, UV radiation boosts vitamin D production. Your metabolism is also stimulated by the bright light. In addition, your immune system is positively influenced by the artificial sun. Overall, the healthy effects are similar to those in the sweat lodge. If you combine both, you do something really good for your body.

But why should you go to the solarium first and then to the sauna?

The reason is that you sweat in the warmth of the sauna. The sweat washes away old, dead skin cells. This is a kind of peeling. Overall, this is also a desired effect that even helps to close wounds. But unfortunately, the protective layer of the skin also becomes a bit thinner. This is not particularly bad. However, you should not expose yourself to the sun’s rays immediately after the sweat bath. It would burn much too easily.

The radiation on the tanning bed is even more intense than in the open air. Not even sunscreen can protect you. In this respect, it is better not to visit the solarium after the sweat bath. However, if you sunbathe first and then sweat, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying yourself.

What do I have to bear in mind during pregnancy?

In principle, a visit to the sauna is unproblematic for pregnant women. As long as you have already enjoyed the heat regularly, there is nothing to stop you. You should just slow down a bit. An infusion at 100 degrees does not have to be. But a pleasant 80 degrees is no problem. You should also avoid jumping into the ice pool for the sake of your baby. For the next nine months, a lukewarm shower will have to do.

But what about the tanning bed? After all, pregnant women want to be beautiful, too, and the tanning effect comes in handy. But you should keep your hands off it. Many doctors even explicitly warn against a visit to the solarium. And there are three reasons for this.

You should be aware of the following during pregnancy

  • UV rays could be associated with the breakdown of folic acid. This trace element is important for building cells. This connection has not yet been definitively proven. But especially during pregnancy, you should not experiment. After all, the health of your baby is at stake.
  • Hormones go crazy during pregnancy. You have probably already noticed this. This can also have an effect on your skin. Your protective vision may not be as resistant as it used to be. If you were to lie under the sunbed, you would risk a severe sunburn. This would also harm the baby.
  • Extended sunbathing also runs the risk of dehydration and overheating. This would have serious consequences for your baby. In this respect, you should rather not take the risk.


Sauna and solarium can be combined, but the order is important. It is advisable to visit the sauna before the solarium, because sweating makes the skin thinner, and it can react more sensitively to the intense radiation of the solarium. Pregnant women should avoid the solarium because the UV rays may interfere with the breakdown of folic acid and hormonal changes can lead to sensitive skin and sunburn. Instead, cautious sauna use at lower temperatures is advisable to protect the baby’s health.


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