Proper sweating in the sauna has to be learned

That sweating in the sauna is healthy, you know only too well as a reader of this blog. But is it enough just to sit comfortably on the wooden bench for a while? In principle, yes. But still, there are many things you need to consider, because proper sweating needs to be learned. We have ten golden rules for you.
Taking a sauna is something you have to learn

10 tips for the right sauna

1. Eat something spicy before you go into the sauna

If you want to rev up your sweat glands before a sweat bath, you should eat chili and peppers. The spiciness prepares the body optimally for the high temperatures. But eat only something “light”, because a full belly does not like to sweat.

2. Warm up in the shower

Sure, as soon as you’re in the bathroom, you’ll want to get on the wooden benches right away. But before that, take a quick turn in the shower. On the one hand, this is more hygienic and on the other hand, it already accustoms your body to the heat.

3. Take it easy

Especially if you haven’t taken a sauna in a while, you shouldn’t start right away. Take it easy and spend your first sauna session in the lower rows. Your organism will thank you for it.

4. Sit properly

Sauna bathing is insanely relaxing. That’s why many have the urge to lie down directly. This is not wrong, at least in the beginning. After all, this is how you ensure that the entire body is in one temperature zone. Towards the end of the sauna session, you should sit upright to prepare your circulation for going out into the cold.

5. Enjoy the infusion

An infusion is simply part of a perfect sauna day. Go to the appropriate sweat lodge five minutes before the start. This is the best way to prepare your body for the experience.

6. Treat your skin with care

The heat not only makes you sweat, it also opens your pores. You can use this to care for you. Simply apply a particularly nourishing cream before your second sauna session. The active ingredients can penetrate deeply into the skin through the wide-open pores. 7.

7. Cool down

After the sauna bathing, it is time to cool down. However, you should save yourself the spirited jump into the plunge pool. It is better to get under the slightly lukewarm shower first. That way, the cold shock won’t be too great, and you’ll rinse off any sweat at the same time. Then you can jump into the cold water. 8.

8. Take breaks

When you come out of the sauna, you should give yourself and your body a break. This is the only way your health will benefit from the hot pleasure. You should take a break for at least half an hour after 15 minutes in the heat.

9. Drink enough

It is clear that you sweat in the sauna. However, you also lose a lot of fluid in the process, which you absolutely need to replenish your body. So you should drink plenty during your sauna day. Mineral water is best for this, but unsweetened tea is also good.

10. Refrain from applying lotion in the end

Maybe you used the sauna day for an extra care session with rich lotion, but maybe not. In any case, you should not apply any more cream in the locker room, because your skin is already optimally cared for.


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