How to make your immune system fit for winter

Fit for winter - The best preparation for winter is the sauna. When winter is just around the corner, cold season also begins. A special time and challenge for the immune system.
Fit for winter - The best preparation for winter is the sauna.

How to get fit through the cold winter!

Especially in times of the corona pandemic, it is particularly important to refresh your own defenses in order to get through the cold season as unscathed as possible. Exercise is essential, and that in the fresh air. Studies have also shown that people who are active in sports suffer less from infections. Even a long daily walk is enough. Swimming or running are also useful in the cold season, but anyone who overdoes it will end up harming their immune system more than helping it. So it’s important to find a healthy balance when it comes to exercise.

How the sauna makes the immune system fit for winter

In addition to exercise, regular visits to the sauna are also excellent vascular training. The alternation between hot and cold forces the organism to react quickly. But here, too, it is important to take things slowly. To achieve the desired effect on the immune system, it does not necessarily have to be the 194 °F sauna.

A mild sauna with a temperature of up to 140 °F is therefore perfectly adequate, especially at the beginning. Another ideal way to strengthen the immune system is to combine a sauna with light exercise in the fresh air. Only then should the cooling phase take place in the plunge pool or with cold showers. Those who do not have the opportunity to sauna regularly should practice alternating showers.

A healthy diet and sufficient sleep are important for a fit immune system

Sauna hardens and boosts the immune system, that is undisputed. However, sauna sessions should be only one element in the comprehensive strengthening of the body’s defenses. Whenever possible, sun should be taken. This creates active vitamin D in the uppermost layers of the skin, which activates certain immune cells.

Those who sleep a lot and well are already doing a lot for a well-functioning immune system. However, good and sufficient sleep is very important, especially during the cold season. Because the cold influences from outside increase the level of stress hormones in the blood. However, this can be reduced again with sufficiently long and restful sleep.

Sufficient drinking also in the cold season

So if you regularly visit the sauna, take walks in the fresh air and get enough deep sleep, you have already done a lot to make your immune system fit for winter. To optimally fight pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, the organism needs sufficient vital substances, vitamins and trace elements during the cold season. That is why a healthy and balanced diet is so important.

Those who tend to have an unbalanced diet should additionally take appropriate dietary supplements with a high content of vitamin C, zinc and selenium in winter. And although there is less sweating in winter, the daily minimum drinking quantity of about 2 l should not be fallen short of, so that the immune system can work at its best.


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