How the sun smells: infusion oils against the winter blues

The dreary mood seems oppressive, outside it is cold, wet, and uncomfortable. A visit to the sauna is not only a welcome change, but in addition to guaranteed relaxation, it also serves to strengthen your health.
Relaxed through the dark season

Relaxed through the dark season

Winter embodies a season when many people are unhappy and withdraw. Some even become depressed and think to themselves that there is nothing beautiful in life during this period. However, we hold against it, because what is more helpful than a hot sauna in this cold weather? In pure relaxation, the muscles and joints come to rest. You can fully switch off, completely surrender to the warmth, and experience what it means to let your mind and soul dangle.

A sauna session offers the opportunity to forget the stress of everyday life and all the worries, to enjoy moments of bliss and freedom from worries. The sauna in itself is quite a fine affair, but it also needs the right accessories to make the activity an optimal experience.

The infusion makes the music

For many sauna-goers, this is the crucial point, the salt in the soup. It is only through the infusion that they really get going. However, there are several criteria that must be taken into account. It is important that many prejudices do not apply. For example, that an infusion always brings more heat and pressure. This is factually incorrect, because many infusions can be relaxing and refreshing.

Sauna infusion with essential oils

The motto here is to persevere, because once you’ve experienced a sauna infusion, you’ll never want to miss one again! The classic is the so-called three-round infusion. After a short warm-up phase, water is repeatedly infused with a specific oil. With the help of a towel, the warm air is distributed in the room. There are also special infusions, for example with salt. The special fact about it is that by the salt a Peeling is included.

But which scents are the best for the winter time?

Orange-lemon mix

This oil offers a summer freshness that gives a hint of spring. A blend of citrus fruits is best at any time to combat the dreariness of winter. Said oil brings southern flair in the midst of Scandinavian weather.

Saunabedarf Schneider - Aufgusskonzentrat, Saunaaufguss...


What do we associate with tangerines? First, the Christmas season, but also hot summer days due to the effervescence. This uneven mix makes the sauna rise in a cloud of dreamy sweetness. Put back and enjoy!

Spitzner Saunaaufguss Wellness Mandarine (190ml) Konzentrat


Another fruit, another sweet and sour. But because of the blend with ice, this oil exudes a certain lightness. You can feel the cooling from the scent of the ice. At the same time, the freshness in it boosts energy levels.

Saunaaufguss Duft Natürliche Limette – 100% ätherische...

Ice Mint

Mint has always been considered invigorating, and this oil is no exception. It cleanses the pores and is good for the whole body. The freshness of the mixture of water and oil transmits a touch of cold, very pleasant and relaxing.

Warda Aufguß Eisminze 1l für die Sauna, Konzentrat,...


The sweetness of this oil makes us forget all our worries. You can literally taste the summer. It makes you revel in imaginings of sitting outside in the sun on hot summer days. The taste of honey on the tongue, that’s the way to live.

Warda Saunaaufguss Honig Konzentrat 200 ml Flasche


The trick is to tune all your senses to the sauna session. You have to fully engage in the experience. Then you will experience the wonderful summer in the middle of the gray winter. The oils mentioned above are just a few of the many varieties that bring the most beautiful season to the sauna. So the magic word is testing. Test your way through the oils and find your favorite. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of the infusions! They are beneficial and promote your health! We are sure that you too will enjoy the summer with the help of these wonderful oils.


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