How fragrances work in the sauna

To further increase the feel-good factor and relaxation during the stay in the sauna, different scents are indispensable. These not only provide a pleasant indoor climate, but the sauna experience as a whole is perceived as more comfortable, more varied, but also more hygienic.
Sauna fragrances : their mode of action and what makes them so special

Sauna fragrances: Their mode of action and what makes them so special

This is how fragrances work in the sauna. There are a variety of fragrance essences available, which can be used well as an infusion, for example. With the popular scents, there is therefore the right one for every sauna-goer, according to personal preferences or also for health support. The fact that sauna fragrances have a positive effect on the body and mind is also scientifically undisputed. There are purely artificial, nature-identical and purely natural fragrances available for use in the sauna cabin.

The right sauna essence for every personal preference

Natural fragrance essences as essential oil are significantly more expensive, but this investment pays off in many cases. For example, those who want to increase their general well-being and like a fresh, cooling atmosphere in the sauna can use essential oil of eucalyptus, peppermint, lime or mountain pine. While lavender has rather calming properties, essential oil from lemon, orange or lime promise to lighten the mood.

The very fine and unobtrusive scent of birch has a balancing, stimulating and stabilizing effect at the same time. In addition, lemongrass, extracts of Swiss stone pine or melon are also scents that are popular in the infusion concentrate. However, this is only a small selection of different scent possibilities, because new scent creations are added all the time. Of course, mixtures of essential oils can also be used to achieve the desired effects.

What is the best way to use sauna infusions in the sauna?

The most common application of fragrances happens during sauna infusion. It is absolutely necessary to apply fragrance essences correctly and according to manufacturer’s instructions, because only in this way can they develop their optimal effect. Fragrance concentrates must therefore always be diluted before they come into contact with the hot sauna stones.

Water together with a fragrance mixture creates a so-called glowing smoke when it comes into contact with hot sauna stones. This hot water vapor then hits the skin and subsequently stimulates circulation and blood flow. At the same time, the fragrance essences also act gently through the surface of the skin, but also through deep inhalation and exhalation.

Better effect of a sauna essence through prior airing

If possible, the air should be generously exchanged before an infusion with essential oils, so airing is important. To further enhance the effect, a little ice can also be added to the infusion water, which then melts and evaporates on the hot sauna stones at the same time. The essential oils released in this way provide a particularly pleasant room climate.

Choosing the right time for a sauna infusion

Experience has shown that essential fragrances should not be used at the beginning of a stay in the sauna cabin, but only after a time delay. This is because the body should first adapt to the increased temperature. In saunas with a lower temperature, such as the bio sauna, fragrances can also be released continuously through permanently mounted crucibles above the sauna heater.

Sauna ice vinegar as an alternative to conventional sauna infusion

The so-called sauna rice vinegar is a popular as well as good alternative to the conventional infusion. Mostly dried and bound twigs of eucalyptus or birchwood are used. Thus, an additional sauna fragrance is not needed. The brushwood can first be soaked in warm water, and this water can later be used as an infusion liquid.

The leaves do not fall off, the tassel is softened a little by placing it in warm water and can then be used well for a light tapping massage, for example on the back or on arms and legs. The birch puff can easily be used even several times. To do this, simply rinse with clean, cold water after use and then allow to dry thoroughly.

The interplay of the senses: how fragrances work in the sauna

In addition to the warmth and the pleasant feeling on the skin, scents also play a crucial role. They have the ability to stimulate our senses and create a special atmosphere. In addition, certain scents can also evoke memories and emotions by linking them to experiences and associations.

The power of aromatherapy

Fragrances not only have a pleasant effect on our nose, but also have a direct influence on our limbic system – the emotional center of our brain. This effect is specifically used in aromatherapy to evoke certain moods and reactions. In the sauna, we can take advantage of this powerful effect by using essential oils or scented essences.

Relaxation and stress relief

An important aspect of visiting the sauna is relaxation. The hot air and the alternation between heat and cold bring our body to a state of calm and serenity. Scents such as lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm further enhance this effect. They have a calming effect and can help relieve stress and calm the mind.

Airways and blood circulation

Some sauna fragrances also have a positive effect on our respiratory system. Eucalyptus, mint or spruce, for example, clear the airways and make breathing easier. These essential oils can also have an invigorating effect and stimulate blood circulation. This not only provides a pleasant feeling, but also promotes oxygenation of the body.

Aphrodisiac scents

Sauna can not only contribute to physical relaxation, but also stimulate the senses. Scents such as ylang-ylang, jasmine or sandalwood have aphrodisiac properties and can create a sensual mood. They awaken desire and can thus contribute to a very special experience in the sauna.

Individual preferences

However, the effect of fragrances is very individual. What is pleasant and relaxing for one person may be unpleasant or even disturbing for another. Everyone has different preferences and associations with certain fragrances. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to your own needs in the sauna and choose scents that are good for you personally.


In summary, sauna fragrances have a diverse mode of action and can enrich the sauna experience in a very individual way. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere and stimulating effect on the senses, they also offer health benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, relief of the respiratory tract and promotion of blood circulation. With a wide selection of fragrances and essential oils, sauna-goers can cater to their personal preferences and needs and enjoy a personalized fragrance experience in the sauna.


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