Fresh air and sauna – keeps you healthy in autumn

Now it's that time again and the wet and cold autumn is just around the corner. Cold and rainy temperatures affect the body, weaken the immune system and often lead to unpleasant cold symptoms such as cough and cold. But do not be afraid of the cold season! If you take our tips to heart, you will get through the fall in good health and brave the winter.
This is how to stay healthy even in autumn!

How to stay healthy even in autumn!

In autumn, our fellow human beings start sneezing and coughing again. A clear case: the common cold is spreading. It rarely works to avoid the bacilli-slingers. After all, we spend a lot of time indoors. Not only at work, but also in the restaurant, in the sports hall and, for example, in the theater. In these enclosed spaces, viruses and bacteria buzz around, barely able to escape. The only way to avoid a cold: You need to strengthen your immune system. But how does that work? We want to show you a way that will make it easier for you to get through the cold season healthy.

Live actively

Even if it’s getting cold outside: Don’t hunker down indoors. Maintain an active lifestyle. Above all, it’s important to get some exercise in the fresh air. That may certainly not be your first idea in this weather. But exercise helps your body. You pump oxygen into your organism and stimulate your blood circulation. This gives the important defense cells a chance to be evenly distributed throughout your body. Moreover, in this way you additionally stimulate the production of these cells.

Exercising outdoors has another advantage: you fill up on daylight, perhaps even sunlight. This effectively prevents the autumn blues. The blues occur when you don’t absorb enough UV light.

So wrap up warm and get outside. It’s best to make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. Walk to work or ride your bike. If the commute is too far, maybe you can park a little further away. This will certainly take some effort, but you will get a lot of benefit from it.

Relaxation is also allowed

You don’t have to move all the time, you can also relax. Just go to the sauna. It is well known that the healthy sweat bath strengthens your immune system. Three mechanisms are at work here: First, the alternation between heat and cold trains your circulation. This in turn ensures that the important white blood cells are distributed evenly throughout the body. You will also breathe in much more deeply in the heat than in the normal world. This flushes quite a bit of oxygen into your system, which again helps distribute those all-important immune cells.

In addition, the heat tricks your body into thinking that it is being attacked by pathogens. You can imagine this similarly as a fever. That is why your organism will produce a lot of antibodies that will be effective in case of a real attack of viruses and bacteria. However, the shelf life of these antibodies is not unlimited. That is why you should sweat regularly.

A tip on the side: visit a sauna with colored light. In winter, you should choose especially the yellow rays. They have a deep effect on your subconscious and drive away the nasty winter blues in the long term.


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