Does frequent sauna use protect against memory loss?

The Finns have known this for a long time! Regular sauna visits have numerous positive effects on mental and physical health. A study has now shown that frequent sauna visits can also protect against memory loss.
Counteract memory loss with the sauna

Counteract memory loss with the sauna

Frequent sauna sessions in the Finnish sauna can prevent memory loss. This is the result of a study conducted by experts in Finland. After all, the country in the far north is considered the birthplace of the sauna. Therefore, saunas are very popular there. When the researchers looked at the official figures, they discovered something strange: in Finland, a far lower percentage of the population suffered from memory loss than in any other country in Europe. So they wondered if there might be a connection between the incident and the Finns’ favorite pastime, and began to investigate the issue. However, the results of the study were so unexpected that they even stunned the experienced experts from Kuopio.

A 66% reduced risk of memory loss

A total of 2,315 healthy men aged between 42 and 60 were observed over a period of 21 years and divided into three groups according to the frequency of sauna visits. Those who went to the sauna between 4 and 7 times a week had a 66 percent lower risk of memory loss than those who only went once a week.

The scientists have not yet found an explanation for these benefits: How sauna sessions protect the heart and memory is still a mystery, however, so more research is needed. It is possible that the feeling of well-being one experiences after a sauna session can influence the brain’s ability to perform certain functions.

There are several hypotheses to explain this phenomenon

Scientific research on the effects of saunas on cardiovascular health is still in its infancy, so it is not clear how saunas affect memory, if they have any effect at all. We already know that cardiovascular health has an impact on the brain. The author of the study, Dr. Jari Laukkanen, suspects that the sauna’s ability to induce well-being and relaxation may also be responsible. The entire study can be found at this link.

Simply forgetful or already demented?

Dementia: Forgetfulness is more obvious in this case, affecting not only short-term memory but also other aspects of cognitive function, such as spatial and temporal orientation and emotional regulation. As a result, cognitive function deteriorates over time. Self-initiative, leisure activities and personal care become less important in the course of this development.

Forgetfulness in old age: A gradual deterioration of mental abilities begins in midlife and reaches its peak around the age of 50. Examples include a decline in short-term memory (the ability to remember recent events), a decline in the ability to remember things like names or dates, or a general decline in the ability to concentrate. This so-called “age forgetfulness” also stays within a certain range after a certain point. The medical term for “recognition” is “cognition”, and this type of mild forgetfulness is called a “mild cognitive disorder”.


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