Do regular sauna sessions lead to healthy and beautiful skin?

Those who regularly sweat in the sauna are relaxed and incidentally do something for their health. That's not too much of a secret to begin with. But are you actually aware of how much your skin benefits from it? After all, a "headlock" can be a real beauty miracle!

What happens to our skin in the sauna?

The high heat causes the pores to open. As a result, sebum and other impurities are virtually flushed out of the skin with the sweat. In combination with cold water showers, the procedure also stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the complexion appears not only refreshed after the sauna, but also cleared. It is therefore not surprising that even the ancient Finns found their women particularly attractive after a big sweat.

What is the long-term effect of saunas on the skin?

You could say: the more often, the more beautiful. Those around you will eventually notice not only your relaxed facial expression, but also younger-looking skin.

The positive effect of the sauna has been proven for several years. The different stimuli of heat and cold not only strengthen the immune system of the body. The acid mantle of the skin also benefits. While the heat opens our pores, they close again in the cold. In combination with sufficient fluid intake and good skin care, the skin can store moisture much better. In this way, wrinkles are smoothed out even without an injection!

Sauna alleviates symptoms of inflammatory skin diseases

In addition, viruses, bacteria and co. hardly have a chance! The sweat flushes not only sebum, but also many pathogens from the skin. People with inflammatory diseases in particular report time and again how much their complaints can be alleviated with the help of the sauna.

Why is going to the sauna a real beauty booster?

It doesn’t always have to be the expensive jar! Just two sauna sessions a week can give your skin a new look. As already briefly described, the alternation of heat and cold stimulates blood circulation. As a result, nutrients are much better absorbed by the skin. On top of that, cell renewal is stimulated. As a result, the complexion looks fresh and firm.

Sauna peeling for beautiful skin

It is still worth investing in a few good skin care products. In order for the full beauty of your skin to unfold, a light peeling is recommended directly after the sauna. By the way, you can make this yourself, with ingredients from your home kitchen. To do this, simply mix salt or sugar with a little olive oil. The small grains remove excess skin flakes and thus clear the way for a particularly rich care.

Tips and tricks for beautiful skin after the sauna

Good preparation is very important. Therefore, you should always go to the sauna only after removing your makeup. By the way, sweating can be optimally stimulated by massaging dry skin with a soft brush in advance. If you tend to have particularly sensitive skin, the milder steam sauna is recommended for beginners. If that’s not an option, you can simply cover the critical areas with a damp cloth. This will keep the really high heat away from sensitive skin areas.


Isalie Graf