Do I have to go to the sauna without make-up?

Yes, even in the sauna you want to be beautiful. Makeup can run quite a bit in the heat, though. So do I have to go to the sauna without makeup?
With make-up in the sauna?

With make-up in the sauna?

Do I have to go to the sauna without make-up? A little color brings out the best in your face. Many women don’t want to do without it, even in the sauna. But is it even allowed to sweat with make-up on? After all, all the color can run and leave unsightly stains. We have dealt with this question very intensively – and have answers for you. We also reveal the best tips from our female editorial team members. They are all sauna-tested.

And suddenly the color runs

If you’ve ever gone to the sauna with make-up on, you’ve probably seen all the color run off in a flash. Not a pretty sight. The mascara hangs on the chin, the lipstick slowly joins it and the eye shadow also flows down. But this is not forbidden. You can sit on the wooden benches with your make-up on – as long as you don’t leave any stains.

For your own sake, however, you should leave it alone. Take off your make-up before you venture into the cozy warmth. Most of the time, you’ll wash off your make-up in the shower anyway. And so much courage to the naturalness the gentlemen of the creation will appreciate certainly.

And what about waterproof make-up?

You’re probably wondering whether you can’t just use waterproof products to apply your make-up. First, you should bear in mind that this can damage your skin. So apply appropriate skin care before going to the sauna. In addition, not all make-up is designed for high stress. Primer and eye shadow will almost certainly not survive the ordeal.

There are waterproof versions of both products. But that doesn’t mean they’ll stand up to sweat. The salt water is an additional burden for the make-up. Better save your money. However, kajal and mascara are very useful. Use high-quality, waterproof products. They will not survive the sauna completely undamaged. But you could emphasize your eyes in this way.

The high-quality products are designed to withstand tears. This liquid is very similar to sweat. In this respect, they should easily withstand a long day in the heat. It will get a little paler, though.

Another tip: You should definitely test the products beforehand to see if you can tolerate them. They contain many additives that can harm sensitive skin. Apply a dab to an inconspicuous area and you will know for sure.


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