Danger of sweating: Can the sauna be fatal? A myth put to the test!

The sauna is a popular relaxation method - but can it also be dangerous? In this post, we explore the myth that saunas can be deadly to find out if there's any reason to worry. We look at the key facts to come to a conclusion.
Danger of sweating: Can the sauna be fatal?
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Danger of sweating: Can the sauna be fatal?

Before we delve more deeply into whether the sauna can actually be fatal, we would first like to look at the topic itself. The sauna is a popular wellness application that has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. Sweating in the sauna cleanses the body and strengthens the immune system. However, time and again we hear about accidents in the sauna that can lead to serious injuries or even death. In this article, we would like to address whether these dangers are real or a myth.

Definition of sauna and health risks

A sauna is a room in which a sweat bath is taken due to increased temperatures and humidity. Temperatures can range from 176 to 212 °F. The health benefits of sauna are well known: It promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and can help you relax. However, there are also health risks that can occur if the sauna is used improperly.

These risks include dehydration, circulatory problems and heat stroke, for example. To minimize these risks, sauna-goers should listen to their bodies and not overdo it with saunas. Drinking enough and leaving the sauna immediately if you have circulation problems are among the most important measures. So taking a sauna can be quite beneficial to your health if you do it responsibly.

Investigation of the scientific evidence on the risk of death in saunas

There are numerous myths and rumors surrounding the topic of saunas and the risk of death. But what does the scientific evidence say about this? One study found that the risk of death from sauna use is extremely low. According to a Finnish study, an average of two people die in the sauna each year. However, these are mostly older people with pre-existing conditions or alcohol consumption.

Most deaths in the sauna are due to cardiovascular problems. However, it is worth mentioning that sauna sessions do not pose an increased risk for healthy people. On the contrary, regular sauna visits can even strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, it is advisable to enjoy the sauna only in moderation and to talk to a doctor beforehand if you have health problems.

Examples of severe cases and their causes

There are indeed cases where sauna use ended tragically. One example is the case of a man who suffered a heart attack in the sauna and died due to heart disease and high blood pressure. Overheating of the body can also lead to serious health problems. Another example is the case of a man who suffered heat stroke due to drinking alcohol and spending too much time in the sauna, and subsequently fell into a coma.

The causes of such cases are often an incorrect assessment of one’s own physical resilience, inadequate preparation for the sauna visit, and the consumption of alcohol or drugs before or during the sauna session. Therefore, before visiting the sauna, inform yourself about possible risks and contraindications and follow the recommended rules of conduct.

Measures for protection and recommendations for the use of the sauna

To avoid health risks when using the sauna, some precautions and recommendations should be followed. Before using the sauna, the body should be sufficiently hydrated to avoid dehydration. During saunas, it is recommended not to overheat the body and to take small breaks regularly. Showering before and after taking a sauna also helps stabilize circulation.

People with pre-existing health conditions should consult their doctor before taking a sauna. It is also advisable to take saunas only when accompanied and to refrain from alcohol and drug consumption. With these simple protective measures and recommendations, a visit to the sauna can become a relaxing and healthy experience.

Is a sauna visit dangerous?

In summary, a sauna visit is not necessarily dangerous. However, as with any physical activity, everyone should know their limits and listen to their body. People with certain pre-existing conditions should consult their doctor before visiting the sauna. In addition, sauna-goers should make sure that they drink enough fluids and cool down sufficiently after taking a sauna. If you follow these points, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the sauna without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.


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