Can sauna induce labor?

A sauna bath is good for you and healthy. This also applies to pregnant women. Of course, you may also enjoy the bath in the cozy warmth. Worry that the heat will harm the baby, you do not have to. The mother's body is so well insulated that it almost does not reach the little creature. But can the heat induce labor? We will give you an answer to this question in this article. We also tell you what you need to watch out for as a pregnant woman when taking a sauna.
Important rules during pregnancy

Important rules during pregnancy

In general, we can give the all-clear on this issue. The heat is not able to induce labor in the first two trimesters of pregnancy. Mother Nature has already arranged this well, after all, women in all parts of the world are pregnant in midsummer. However, caution is advised in the last three months. Here, the heat can still trigger contractions, but it is not the biggest problem.

Fragrances can trigger contractions

The effect of certain fragrances, which can be contained in infusions, is much greater. Rose and lavender are particularly potent in this regard. Midwives use the scents of essential oils to induce labor naturally. As a pregnant woman, you should steer clear of such fragrances in the sauna.

What else to consider

In principle, there is nothing against relaxing in the sauna as an expectant mother. But every woman is different and reacts to the heat in her own individual way. For this reason, you should ask your gynecologist whether there is anything that speaks against the hot pleasure from a medical point of view. On the other hand, you should listen particularly closely to your body’s signals. If something is wrong, you should leave the sauna immediately.

Less is often more

You should also take it easy for the sake of your health and your baby. Look for saunas that don’t get warmer than 70 degrees (158 °F). A good idea is to visit the Sanarium® or the steam bath. Also, it’s better to sit on the lower benches because it’s not as warm there. You should not sit in the heat for more than ten minutes per session.

The plunge pool is taboo for pregnant women

Afterward, you may cool down. But please do not overdo it here either. First move for a few minutes in the fresh air and then get under the lukewarm shower. The plunge pool should be completely taboo for you during pregnancy. That would simply be too much for your circulation. If you follow these rules and your doctor gives you the green light, you can take a sauna to your heart’s content and get some rest before the baby arrives.

Melanie Sommer