Can I go to the sauna with diabetes?

Can I go to sauna with diabetes? This is a question that many sufferers ask themselves. We can reassure you: You may. However, there are some points to consider.
Tips for visiting the sauna with diabetes

Tips for visiting the sauna with diabetes

Even those who suffer from diabetes would like to go to the sauna from time to time. But is it that simple? After all, there are so many things to consider in everyday life. What happens, for example, if the blood sugar level suddenly drops dangerously? We have done some research on this matter and have answers for you. The good news beforehand: In general, there is nothing to be said against a visit to the sauna. However, you should ask your attending physician in advance. Only he can tell you if the sweat bath is really safe. Regardless, there are some things to consider.

Create a blood sugar cushion

A day in the sauna really gets your circulation going. While this is generally good, it also makes your body break down insulin faster. This is especially the case if you have injected just before. So time your sauna session so that you sweat very shortly before your next shot. You should generally not take your insulin pump into a sweat bath. The heat is not good for the active ingredient. In case of the case, you can help yourself with a pen.

By the way, it is possible that your blood sugar will rise slightly in the sauna. This is not unusual and is by no means a cause for concern. You should also check your blood sugar level in the bathroom from time to time. This is the only way to know how much the heat is affecting your body – and to counteract it. If you wear FGM sensors, you should also fix them with an adhesive bandage or physiotape. This way, the sensors do not become loose due to sweat. However, if you are wearing a CGM sensor, you must take it off before going to the sauna. It could be damaged by the heat.

Takes you provisions

As a diabetic, you know you can quickly slip into hypoglycemia. That’s where quick help is needed. That’s why you should always have glucose, dextrose or sweetened fruit juice with you. That way, you can react immediately if you get shaky – and enjoy the rest of the relaxing day. Remember to carry the provisions with you at all times. After all, in an emergency, you have to be able to react at lightning speed.

You should also drink enough, because sweating removes water from your body. While this tip applies equally to all sauna-goers. If you’re diabetic, though, you should definitely take it to heart. It is best to drink mineral water or unsweetened tea, because these drinks do not affect your blood sugar level.

However, what you should never drink while taking a sauna is alcohol. It is known to be broken down by the liver. This important organ has to take care of regulating your blood sugar level – and has no time for other things.

Slow down

Do not overtax your body in any way. Even though you may not realize it, taking a sauna exerts your organism. Therefore, take a break for at least half an hour after each sauna session. But you can make them as comfortable as you like. For example, take a good book into the bath with you.

Care must also be taken when it comes to cooling. Yes, it is tempting to do the same as the other guests – and jump into the ice-cold waters. However, this releases stress hormones that have an unfavorable effect on blood sugar levels and the circulatory system. As a diabetes patient, that’s a big danger for you. Cool off slowly under a lukewarm shower instead. That’s healthy, too – and not at all unpleasant.

Do not run barefoot in any case

No matter how tempting it may be, do not walk barefoot through the sauna facility. Those who suffer from diabetes have less feeling in their feet. So you might step on a sharp object and not realize it. These small wounds are an ideal gateway for bacteria and germs of all kinds. Such a foot fungus disease would not be a nice souvenir of the otherwise nice day in the sauna, would it?

You should also pay special attention to your feet when drying them. Rub dry also the spaces between the toes. This may be annoying – but you prevent athlete’s foot from spreading this way.

Consultation with the family doctor

If you suffer from diabetes, you should consult your family doctor before going to the sauna. He can advise you personally to get the most out of your sauna visit. Important note: The information in no way replaces professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of Saunazeit Magazine cannot and must not be used to independently diagnose or initiate treatment.

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