Can I go to the sauna during menstruation?

From a medical point of view, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a sauna bath even during menstruation. Only a few basic rules should be followed.
Can I go to the sauna despite my period?

Can I go to the sauna despite my period?

Can I go to the sauna during menstruation? Quite a few women give up their favorite hobby, going to the sauna, during menstruation. They are afraid to leave red stains on the wooden benches. Besides, they feel physically weakened during that time anyway. But all these are not reasons to stay away from the sauna. You just need to follow a few rules. Then the cozy warmth can even be very good for your body. For example, the annoying period pains may disappear. We have compiled everything important for you.

Pay attention to the hygiene!

The fear of leaving red stains on the benches is no accident. After all, you’re known to lose blood during this time. However, you can easily avoid the embarrassment with a simple tampon. It takes the period inside the body. However, make sure the tampon is absorbent enough – and remember that it will also soak up water in the spa. Therefore, you should disappear to the toilet from time to time and check whether everything is still in order. You can discreetly store the tampons in your toiletry bag.

However, many women are bothered by the blue ribbon that dangles between their legs. After all, in the sauna everyone is naked and the ribbon is hard to hide. But here too there is a solution: so-called soft tampons. You can get them in the pharmacy, on the Internet and in well-stocked drugstores. These are small sponges that are inserted into the body. Compared to tampons, they have two advantages. For one thing, they don’t have a return ribbon. This makes handling a bit more complicated, but it is still doable even for the inexperienced. On the other hand, these soft tampons can absorb more liquid. You probably won’t need to change them at all during your sauna visit.

Alternative to tampon

The so-called Mooncup or menstrual cup is still relatively new on the market. This product also absorbs the bleeding inside the body. The blood simply collects in this soft container. You don’t have to worry about the thing overflowing, it’s big enough. You can easily survive an extended sauna day with it. This is because the Mooncup is designed not to accidentally fill with water in the pool. Plus, there’s no telltale retrieval strap dangling between your legs here either. The handling is very simple. Meanwhile, you can get such a Mooncup in the drugstore around the corner or quite discreetly on the Internet.

With the heat against abdominal pain

Now that the hygiene issue is settled, we can turn to the positive sides of going to the sauna. Because you probably suffer from period pain. They are caused by the fact that your uterus keeps contracting. These are cramps that are due to tense muscles. And this is where the comforting warmth of the sauna comes into play. Because: Your muscles relax in the heat. This, in turn, also relieves those nasty cramps.

In addition to abdominal discomfort, you probably also suffer from circulation problems during your period. You just feel limp. That’s because your body is busy doing something other than pumping blood quickly through your arteries. The result: your blood pressure is in the basement and you are tired. But the heat can also help against this.

Because in the heat your blood vessels dilate, in the cold they contract again. Not only is this a good workout for your blood pressure, but it also helps in the short run. Because this mechanism also works as a booster for your circulation. Right away, the blood flows faster through your body – and you feel fit again despite menstruation.

What else you should pay attention to

Although the sauna helps against the symptoms, your body is weakened because of menstruation. You shouldn’t put yourself through too much. That is, do not sit in the most blatant sweat lodge 70 degrees are also enough. Even these mild temperatures relax your muscles and work against the cramps.

In addition, your circulation is also battered. That’s why you shouldn’t take a running jump into the ice pool. Cool off under a lukewarm shower.

And as always, make sure you get some rest on your relaxing sauna day. Maybe even a little more than usual. Grab a good book and lay in the recliner. If the pain comes back, you can head to the hot tub. The body-warm water will sufficiently relax your muscles.

On the days safely go to the sauna:

Mooncup® silicone cup

Mooncup® is a menstrual cup made of soft, medical-grade silicone, developed by women as a practical, but also safe and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads. With a useful life of several years, the Mooncup® is the most favorable hygiene protection on the market. When used correctly, the Mooncup® is so comfortable that you don’t even notice it.

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Joydivision Soft Tampons

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