Can I go to the sauna after microblading?

Can you go to the sauna after microblading or are there risks to be aware of? In this article, we'll go into more detail and show you what to look out for.
What is miroblading?
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What is Microblading?

Microblading is an innovative technique in which fine pigments are pricked into the top layer of skin to mimic natural eyebrow hairs. Unlike traditional plucking, microblading allows for a precise and long-lasting result. The method is growing in popularity because it provides perfect eyebrows for up to 18 months without the need for daily touch-ups or makeup.

The process of microblading begins with a detailed consultation to discuss the desired shape and color of the eyebrows. Then, the specialized technician uses a sterile instrument with fine, sharp blades to work the pigments into the skin. The blades are held in a specific pattern to replicate individual hairs and achieve the desired shape.

The result of microblading is fuller, better defined eyebrows that look very natural. The fine pigments adhere to the skin and provide a long-lasting effect. Depending on skin type and care, the result can last up to 18 months before a touch-up is needed.

In the first days after microblading

In the first days after microblading, proper care should be taken to ensure optimal healing and a beautiful result. After the treatment, the eyebrows may initially look very dark and also slightly thicker than usual. This is normal and will regulate with time.

For the first 24 hours after microblading, avoid any contact with water to prevent inflammation. Afterward, you can carefully clean the eyebrows with lukewarm water to remove dirt and excess color. Be careful not to touch the treated areas with your fingers to avoid possible infections.

A thin crust will form on the treated areas after just two to three days. This crust is a natural part of the healing process and serves as protection for the freshly stung hair. Under no circumstances should this crust be scraped off or removed, as this can lead to scarring or loss of color. Instead, you should continue to gently cleanse the treated areas with lukewarm water and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to moisturize the skin.

Care of the treated areas should continue for at least two weeks to allow the skin to regenerate. It is recommended not to apply strong cleansers, scrubs, or makeup to the treated area during this time. Also avoid sauna visits or intense exercise, as this may interfere with the healing process.

Individual care instructions may vary depending on the studio and technician. Therefore, be sure to follow your microblading specialist’s instructions and discuss any questions or concerns with them. By consistently following the care instructions, you can ensure that your eyebrows heal optimally and achieve long-lasting results.

Avoid sauna or steam bath after a microblading procedure

After a microblading treatment, the treated areas must be protected from moisture, humidity, and sweat to ensure optimal results. This includes activities such as sauna visits or steam baths, which can generate heat and humidity.

The reason for this precaution is that heat and humidity could dissolve and lighten the pigment of the microblading procedure. This could affect the appearance of the freshly stitched hair and spoil the desired result. In order for the pigment to hold well in the skin and for the eyebrows to reach their full potential, it is recommended to avoid sauna visits and steam baths for at least fourteen days after the procedure.

In addition, other activities that can cause dampness, wetness, or sweating should also be avoided. These include, for example, extensive showering, strenuous exercise, and swimming pool visits. These factors can cause the treated areas to soften and not hold the pigments optimally.

By protecting the treated areas from moisture and heat, you can ensure that the microblading result lasts as long as possible and that your eyebrows look perfect. Your microblading specialist can give you specific instructions on how to care for and protect your eyebrows after the procedure.

Do not go out in the sun

After a microblading procedure, be sure to avoid direct sunlight for the best results. The sun can affect the pigment of the microblading procedure and cause the color to fade faster or appear uneven. To ensure your eyebrows look beautiful for a long time, you should avoid the sun for at least ten days and up to four weeks after the procedure.

When you are outdoors, protect your eyebrows from the sun. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, umbrella, or hood to protect the eyebrow area from direct sunlight. Sunscreens should be avoided on the treated area, as some ingredients can attack the pigments.

Do not pluck the eyebrows

During the healing process, a thin crust usually forms on the treated areas. This crust serves as a protection for the freshly plucked hairs and supports the healing process. This crust should not be scraped or plucked off, as this can lead to complications. Letting the crust fall off naturally will ensure that your eyebrows heal evenly and the pigment stays well in the skin.

Leaving your eyebrows alone for the first few days and weeks after your microblading treatment will ensure that the healing process is optimal and that you get the best possible results. Patience and careful maintenance are crucial to maintaining beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows.

Do not apply makeup

For the first ten days, do not apply makeup to your eyebrows to avoid irritating or stressing the area. This will give the skin enough time to fully regenerate and complete the healing process. After the ten days are up, you can apply light makeup around the treated area to highlight the rest of your face. However, you should be careful not to get the makeup directly on the tattooed area.

If you choose to use makeup, be sure to use gentle products and treat the area around the eyebrows with care. Avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing to minimize the risk of irritation or detachment of the color pigments. If you are unsure about the best type of makeup or products to use on your eyebrows after microblading, you can ask your microblading specialist for recommendations.

Being careful not to apply makeup to the treated areas and using gentle products can help the healing process and keep your brows looking their best. Patience and proper care are crucial to achieving long-lasting and natural results.

Our conclusion

Microblading is a cosmetic treatment for eyebrows that makes them appear more voluminous. The procedure is similar to a tattoo, but the result is not permanent. Aftercare for the microblading procedure can be demanding and requires that you keep your face dry in the weeks following the treatment. Refrain from sauna visits, steam baths, swimming pools, or even exercise for at least ten days after microblading. Follow all aftercare guidelines to avoid infection and prolong the results of your eyebrow treatment.


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