When can I go to the sauna again after giving birth?

A birth is followed by a stressful time for young families. The nights are short, the changeover great. After all, there is now a little person living in the household. He has completely different needs than the big ones. Above all, he has not yet become accustomed to the daily routine.
Are sauna sessions allowed shortly after birth?

Are sauna sessions allowed shortly after birth?

Young parents also need to relax during this time. It’s good if grandma or good friends can be found who offer to look after the baby for a few hours. This gives the stressed mother time to relax, which she can find in the sauna, for example. But when is she allowed to take a sauna again? We provide answers.

There are differences

In order to determine this point in time, it is first necessary to make a distinction. Because when it comes to saunas, different rules apply after a natural birth than after a C-section. First, let’s start with natural childbirth. In this case, the main problem is the so-called lochia. It lasts between four and six weeks.

Exactly how long varies from woman to woman. In any case, you should wait with your first sauna session until this postpartum flow has passed. During this time, the risk of infection is simply too high.

Sauna is taboo if you have had a cesarean section

If you had a cesarean section, it is essential to wait until the wound is completely closed. Remember that you had a major surgery and are not yet fully recovered right away. The biggest problem, however, is the wound. Germs and bacteria could enter your body through it and cause a serious infection. This is always dangerous, but especially so for you as a young mother.

Your body has not only undergone an operation, but also a strenuous pregnancy. This makes it difficult for it to defend itself against the invaders. In the worst case, you would end up in the hospital again and would not be able to take care of your baby.

Then the sauna session is possible again after the birth

But, even if the wound has healed and the postpartum flow has passed, you can’t go back to the sauna just yet. Your body, as we said, has gone through pregnancy. This causes your hormones to go crazy. The organism needs a while to get everything back on track. Doctors assume that saunas can be used without hesitation for about three to four months after giving birth.

However, this does not apply equally to every woman. To be on the safe side, you should ask your gynecologist. If he gives the green light, there’s nothing standing in the way of relaxing hours in the heat.


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