What is a sauna kilt?

A sauna kilt is just a towel with Velcro? Far from it. This is one hell of a practical accessory. These practical scarves are available for both women and men.
What is a sauna kilt for?

What is a sauna kilt for?

What is a sauna kilt? Sauna fans know it, the annoying struggle with the towel. You want to take a few relaxed laps around the facility, but the thing just won’t hold. Don’t panic, it must have happened to many people before you. A few resourceful minds have then also made themselves to the solution of this problem. Out came the sauna kilt. We have found out for you exactly what it is and what you need to bear in mind.

Sauna towels with a secure hold

You’ve probably seen the sauna towel before without realizing it. They are those sauna towels that seem to hold on by themselves. The secret is either Velcro or an elastic waistband. They hold the cloth in place. Especially in the summer, this is incredibly practical. Because this way, you can comfortably stroll through the outdoor area dressed only in a towel, without being naked.

Velcro or elastic waistband for the kilt?

That’s the key question for all sauna enthusiasts. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you go for the Velcro, it’s possible that lint will get caught in it. The result: the closure doesn’t hold as well – and the sauna towel slips again. That can’t happen with the elastic waistband. But you can’t actually use this towel for drying. You have to imagine it like a dress or skirt with an elastic band. However, nothing lasts forever. We have to admit that the elastic will eventually wear out as well.

Available everywhere

Sauna is in – and so is sauna clothing. We are sure that you will have no problems finding such an accessory on the net or in stores. A sauna kilt for men can be a little shorter – after all, no one here has anything against a free upper body. A sauna kilt for women is a bit longer and covers the whole body. Make sure you buy a high-quality sauna kilt made of pure cotton. It is gentle on the skin and will probably last a little longer.


In short, such a kilt for men or women is a good thing. Above all, there are now different colors and patterns for every taste. So you look as cool as you want.


Matching sauna kilts for men and women:

Arus sauna kilt for men

Adjustable with a high-quality Velcro closure, this sauna kilt gently caresses the skin and impresses with its high absorbency. Whether you’re at the spa, beach or sauna, just take it with you and put it on.

Angebot Arus Saunakilt für Herren, 100% Bio-Baumwolle-Frottee,...

Arus sauna kilt for ladies

The sauna kilt for ladies is about knee-length. The wide Velcro closure on the front, together with the sturdy elastic band on the back, ensures a perfect fit. This terry kilt is the practical companion in the spa, on the beach or in the sauna and remains non-slip in any situation.

Arus Saunakilt für Damen 100% Bio-Baumwolle-Frottee mit...


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