What is a salt vaporizer for the sauna?

A salt vaporizer is an evaporator system that gently distributes steam enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements in the sauna. Since the operation is simple, you can easily retrofit your sweat cabin with this innovative device. So bring a healthy sea breeze to your home whenever you want.
What is a salt vaporizer for sauna

You can breathe health – with a salt vaporizer for the sauna

The beneficial effects of salt on chronic respiratory and skin diseases have been known since ancient times. Since time immemorial, people like to stay by the sea to enjoy the health-promoting salt air. Now you have the opportunity to bring the healthy sea air into your home with a salt vaporizer. With its uncomplicated mode of operation, the salt vaporizer distributes water vapor with valuable trace elements and minerals evenly in the sauna room. The salt content in the air rises to about seven percent, comparable to a day at the seaside.

Salt is a health-promoting all-round talent

The positive effect of salt on the skin and respiratory tract has been known for many centuries. Children with bronchitis are sent to the North Sea or Baltic Sea because of the salty sea air. Spa stays in traditional seaside resorts are popular to cure big and small ailments. However, you don’t have to travel to the sea to enjoy this positive effect on your health. You can also take advantage of the soothing effect on the respiratory tract and the healing effect on skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis and acne in the sauna, using a salt vaporizer.

Breathe easy again! With a salt vaporizer

However, you will find this innovative device not only in the sauna, but also in many health and wellness facilities, which have long recognized the health-promoting effect of brine application. In our fast-paced times, signs of fatigue are not uncommon for a variety of reasons. Many people are affected by cardiovascular diseases and vascular complaints. Typical complaints of our stressful everyday life are also inflammations of various kinds. Sinusitis is particularly common. A vaporizer also helps with these complaints and clinical pictures, because salt not only has a calming, energizing and balancing effect, but is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

A small, uncomplicated wonder

You may now think that a salt vaporizer is a small marvel and certainly only found in saunas, health centers and spa facilities. However, this is not so, because as versatile as the health-promoting effects are, the way it works is uncomplicated. If you are one of the lucky people who have a sauna in your house, you can easily retrofit your sauna heater with a salt vaporizer. The salt content in the cabin is about seven percent. Salt inhalation is comparable to a relaxing stay at the seaside.

Upgrade your sweat cabin easily!

You can easily upgrade your sauna heater with a set consisting of a stainless steel cylinder and salt stones. The stainless steel cylinder is removable and is placed between the sauna stones on the sauna heater. Then fill one liter of water into the stainless steel cylinder filled with salt stones, and your relaxing “salt bath” can begin. The water evaporates as soon as the sauna heater heats up, creating water vapor. This rises through the openings of the stainless steel cylinder into the vaporizer pot. This vessel contains the salt stones.

Continuous rinsing of the stones enriches the humid air with salt and distributes it throughout the cabin. An extra plus is a handful of dried medicinal herbs such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary, thyme or lemon balm. The selection is wide and you can combine the herbs as you wish. In combination with the high-quality salt, you increase the beneficial effect of your sauna session even more.

Brine nebulizer for the sauna

If you want to make even more demands on your soothing sweat bath, supplement your sweat cabin with an ultrasonic brine nebulizer. This is attached to the wall and distributes the salt throughout the sauna through the openings located there. In contrast to the simple salt vaporizer, this technology is somewhat more sophisticated, so that the salt does not settle again as quickly, but remains in the air longer.


With a salt vaporizer, you can enjoy the health benefits of a sea breeze at home whenever you want. The operation of this innovative device is very simple, because it does not need to be permanently installed. The stainless steel cylinder and the vaporizer device are placed between the sauna stones. As soon as the heater heats up, water vapor rises, which is enriched with the salt from the stones. It has never been so easy to enjoy the healthy salt effect as in a salt cave.

Buying tip: Salt vaporizer for the sauna

Infraworld salt vaporizer – vaporizer pot

The salt vaporizer is placed on the vaporizer tray of the sauna heater. The vaporizer system of the sauna heater generates steam that rises through a stainless steel tube into the ceramic pot. By continuously circulating steam around the salt stones, a salt content of five to seven percent is achieved in the sauna air. The evaporator pot is made of high-fired, untreated clay.

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