What is a hay sauna?

A particularly beneficial variant of the sauna bath is the hay sauna. As an alternative to the classic Finnish sauna, the hay sauna is particularly suitable for sweating in a way that is easy on the circulation. A mild climate in the sauna cabin of the bio-heat sauna not only has a calming, relaxing effect and serves to purify, but is also gentle on the circulation.
A hay sauna makes you sweat and smells deliciously of alpine meadow

A hay sauna makes you sweat and smells deliciously of alpine meadow

What is a hay sauna? So, in the hay sauna, similar to a bio sauna, lower temperatures prevail throughout, up to about 60 °C (140 °F). Due to the moist heat in the hay sauna, the essential oils contained in the hay grass are released particularly well. Therefore, the stay in the hay sauna is much more than wellness or sweating cure, but also a fragrance experience for all senses.

Skin cleansing included – in the bio hay sauna

The essential oils are gratefully absorbed through the respiratory tract as well as by the skin. A stay in the hay sauna is therefore always associated with comprehensive skin cleansing. Deeper lying muscles also benefit from improved blood circulation. After several passes in a sauna cabin with hay most visitors report a comprehensive and long-lasting relaxation.

Chronic medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, skin impurities or rheumatism can also be positively influenced by this particularly mild form of sauna. A bio sauna should not be confused with a hay bath, which is not at all comparable to a sauna session in terms of application and effect.

Function and application

In addition to relaxation and calming, the hay in the sauna cabin also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The sensual experience should not be underestimated either. Here, visitors can leave their stressful everyday lives behind and immerse themselves in the idyllic atmosphere of a rustic mountain farm. In order for all the positive effects to occur, the origin and quality of the hay used is crucial.

Use only organic hay

The hay should have already been gently and completely dried before being placed in the sauna cabin. In addition, organic quality is important, so the hay should be completely untreated and completely free of pollutants of any kind. For example, hay bales dried in the sun from lush Allgäu meadows would be ideal.

Caution is advised if they suffer from allergies

The advantage is that a variety of medicinal grasses, flowers, and plants are found there. So as good as a stay in the organic hay sauna cabin can be, sensitive people, especially asthmatics or allergy sufferers, should still be careful. Because also in the sauna cabin, the air can contain blossom pollen or other vegetable components.

Health-promoting effect

In addition to the pure organic home sauna, a combination with herbs is also common in many places. This further increases healing power, relaxation, and blood circulation as a sweating cure. Visitors to organic hay saunas should not be afraid to ask the sauna owner about the origin and type of hay or herbs used.

Bio saunas with low temperatures

In the Alpine region, this special type of sauna is also called a hay chamber. What is meant by this, however, is nothing other than a Sanarium®, i.e. a bio-sauna with rather low temperatures, nevertheless suitable as a sweating cure. The health-promoting effect of mountain meadow hay has been known for centuries.

Bring the alpine herbs into your home sauna

Even your own sauna at home can be used or converted into a hay sauna cabin. Because mountain meadow hay is nowadays also shipped worldwide in ready-made bags. So with these practical hay bags, it is quite easy to enjoy a sauna bath or even a hay steam bath in your own 4 walls.

Hay infusion with natural ingredients

For an appropriate infusion in the conventional Finnish sauna also hay infusion concentrates are available in the trade. However, according to the unanimous opinion of many visitors, these cannot imitate the original scent, nor the healing effect of hay. When using hay infusion concentrate, only natural or nature-identical aromas or ingredients should be used if possible.

Infusion concentrate with natural hay aromas is naturally somewhat more expensive to purchase. Concentrates with artificial hay scent for use in sauna cabins are considerably cheaper. However, they also carry a higher risk of intolerance and cannot imitate the natural hay effect.

Never place any grasses or herbs on hot sauna stones

Atmospherically, a hay sauna bath for total relaxation of body, mind, and soul is considered by many sauna visitors to be extremely cozy. Of course, to achieve the desired effect, it also plays an important role in how the herbs or hay grass are placed in the sauna cabin.

Caution – fire hazard if used improperly

Of course, it is forbidden to simply place any grasses on the sauna heater or lava stones. This is because it would be dangerous due to increased fire hazard. In addition, the dried grasses would dry out much too quickly, which would also cause the beneficial effect to largely fizzle out.

Rather, it is useful to install a central heater, above which a special vaporizer tray, in which the hay grass or herbs are layered in several layers.


Sauna infusion “hay flower”

Sauna fragrance concentrate hay flower. Made from high quality natural essential oils and alcohols. This sauna infusion supports and sustainably increases the effect in the sauna. Produced by a member company of the German Sauna Association.

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