The natural way: body care through saunas

The terms sweat and beauty combined in one sentence are for most people actually just a rough description for particularly strenuous sport. You can already do a lot for your body care by just sitting on a towel regularly. We admit that sounds a bit trite. But it's actually true: regular saunas are like an appointment with the beautician! You don't believe that? Then you should read the following text carefully.
Sauna is body care in a natural way

Sauna is body care in a natural way

Regular sauna helps most people first of all to a kind of deep relaxation. But it is not only the stressful everyday life that is shaken off. Rather, the more often you sweat on the towel, the more you will automatically radiate your satisfaction at some point. Who of us doesn’t like to look at a happy face?

Gentle body care through sweating

But sauna can do much more for your body care. While you relax on the towel, the pores of the skin clean themselves. In the process, the epidermis is also optimally supplied with blood and moisture. This also benefits people who are prone to blemishes or inflammatory diseases.

Sweating prevents skin aging

According to recent studies, visiting a sauna can even prevent premature aging of the skin. However, a certain regularity is particularly important for this. In the heat, the pores open up so that active ingredients can be optimally absorbed. It is therefore well worth pampering the skin with high-quality care before and after taking a sauna. Your hair can also benefit from the procedure, because the high humidity opens the outer cuticle. This allows a cure to take effect much better.

What are the tips for body care in the sauna?

Even if creams with fruit acid or retinol are very popular right now, these aids have no place in the sauna. After all, after the big sweat, the skin is initially a little more sensitive and the ingredients of these cosmetics can irritate the protective layer to the point of an allergic reaction.

The most suitable are lotions with hyaluronic acid. At first glance, this ingredient sounds spectacular, but in fact it describes only one of the body’s own building blocks that can bind moisture in the skin. Make sure you never go to the sauna with makeup on. Some products additionally dry out strongly in high heat. Therefore, it is quite important to prepare the skin well.

Compensate for mineral loss by drinking

In order for the organism to store enough water, you need to drink a lot! Return to the body all the important nutrients that it has previously sweated out. A lack of vitamins and minerals otherwise quickly shows itself through a sallow complexion or brittle hair.

The effect of alternating stimuli

The constant alternation of heat and cold also teaches our bodies to cope better with temperature fluctuations. The immune system benefits enormously from this. With this you can easily “beat the cold season”. However, beginners in particular should note that the highest benches are also the ones with the most heat. It is important to listen to your body when doing this. As soon as you feel uncomfortable, you need to change the bench or leave the sauna for a short time. Be sure to gently prepare your body for the alternating showers. Only in this way will you find optimal relaxation. What are you waiting for? Grab your towel!


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