Sauna for seniors

Those who take a sauna do something good for their health. This is true even in old age. But in order for your health to benefit, you should heed a few rules.
Sauna for seniors

Sauna for the elderly – sweating for joints and defenses

Sauna is just right for seniors. After all, sweating has many positive effects, health, and psyche. Even at an advanced age, basically nothing stands in the way of healthy pleasure. However, you should keep a few things in mind. You are no longer as young as you used to be. But don’t worry. We have asked the experts and give you some important tips. As long as you follow them, nothing can happen to you in the sauna. Quite the opposite. You’ll even reap great benefits from the relaxing ritual.

This is why saunas are so healthy

You’ve probably heard many times that taking a sauna is good for you. But why is it actually good? The biggest benefit is certainly detoxification. This means that your body eliminates dangerous toxins. On the one hand, quite banally through sweat. For another, your blood flows faster because of the heat. The fast movement also directs the toxins out of the organism.

In addition, the rapid change between heat and cold boosts your immune system. The rapidly changing conditions act like a fitness workout on your organism. It is really challenged once again and has the chance to form antibodies. These defenses will protect you from infection during the next wave of flu.

Your joints also benefit from the heat. Because it relaxes muscles and ligaments. So relaxed, support your joints better than before. This in turn prevents or can alleviate signs of wear and tear.

Relaxing sauna day for seniors

With all the good effects, however, you should not overdo it. Especially if you have not been in the sauna for a long time. You don’t have to prove anything to yourself and sit down in the hottest of all sweat rooms. Settle for a relaxing steam bath at first. That’s healthy, too. Once you get used to it, you can venture into the dry heat. But please don’t sit on the top bench right away. Stay at the bottom. There, the oxygen content in the air is higher, and it doesn’t get as hot. If you can tolerate it well, however, there is nothing to stop seniors from enjoying their sauna day to the full.

Always shower before going to the sauna

For hygienic reasons, a shower is necessary before entering the sauna. Freshly showered visitors have a much more pleasant smell. Even if the body begins to sweat due to the extreme heat, it does not usually emit an unpleasant odor. In addition, the skin is more likely to reap the benefits of a sauna visit when the body is freshly showered. Metal jewelry should always be left at home or in the cabin, as it heats up too much.

Pay attention to the signals of the body

A word on the subject of sauna infusions. Only take them if you really feel well. It gets very hot, and the air is humid. This can be dangerous for your circulation. But you don’t have to give up this pleasure completely. Ask in your bathroom. They will surely have an infusion that is not so hot. Our tip: As soon as you notice signs of circulatory problems or feel unwell, leave the sauna. You may also leave the sauna during the infusion. It makes no sense if the stars are already dancing before your eyes, and you linger longer in the sauna.

Don’t jump into the plunge pool right away

When it comes to cooling down, the same applies: slowness is the trump card. It is certainly tempting to take a running jump into the plunge pool after your sauna session. But this is not a good idea. Even if you feel very fit, the shock can have fatal consequences for your circulation. The heat has caused your blood vessels to dilate. The cold now has the opposite effect. So you’d better get into the pool slowly. Start with the parts of your body that are as far away from the heart as possible – your feet. Then step by step, climb into the pool and enjoy the cooling.

Drink to combat fluid loss

As with all sauna-goers, the same applies to seniors: drink enough. You lose fluid through sweating, and it needs to be replenished. Otherwise, there is a risk of dehydration. For retirees, drinking enough means consuming at least one liter of fluid. Unsweetened tea or water is best. If you wish, however, it may also be a juice spritzer.

Take breaks between sauna sessions

Take sufficient breaks between sauna sessions. Sweating is good for your health, but it is also exhausting for your body. That’s why you should take at least a half-hour break in a comfortable recliner between sauna sessions.

Take advantage of the benefits for seniors

Are you a pensioner? That also brings advantages. For example, ask for special discounts in the sauna. You also have the opportunity to visit the bath during the week in the morning. At these times, there is usually much less going on than on weekends. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of the full service of the facility. Maybe even a little more. After all, you are alone with few other guests.

  • Sauna tips summarized in brief
  • Take a shower before going to the sauna
  • Leave the sauna if you feel unwell
  • Cool down carefully
  • Drink enough
  • Observe rest periods
  • Use the advantages as a pensioner

As you can see, there’s really nothing to stop you from visiting the sauna, even as a senior citizen. As long as you follow a few simple tips, it’s even very healthy.


David Brunner
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