Salt brine nebulizer for sauna

A stay by the sea is not only good for the soul, but also for the respiratory system. Especially people with respiratory problems benefit from this. With a brine-salt vaporizer, you can also experience the positive effect of salty air in your sauna. Thereby, the intensive salt content in the air corresponds to that on the seashore and is a beneficial support for your skin as well as for the respiratory tract.
Brine nebulizer provides relief for neurodermatitis

Salt Sole Nebulizer – Sole Nebulizer for the Sauna

If you want, you can turn your sauna into a small air spa – with a salt brine nebulizer. This way you breathe in the good air of the coasts during the relaxing sweat bath. Salt binds the water from the environment and ensures that you breathe in well-humidified air. This has a decisive advantage, especially during the cold season: the mucus in the respiratory tract is loosened and can be easily coughed up.

At the same time, viruses and bacteria are transported out of the body – and the illness can subside more quickly. Breathing through is much easier after the first sauna bath with salt nebulizer. But not only when the viruses have already struck, such a sauna is very beneficial.

Sole nebulizer provides relief from neurodermatitis

The salty air is not only an effective remedy for respiratory diseases. Patients with skin diseases, especially neurodermatitis, also benefit from this therapy. The brine has a positive effect on the immune system and immediately relieves itching. By the way, unlike brine water, open sores do not burn.

The salty sauna bath can therefore also be used during an acute attack. Afterward, however, you should drink enough in any case – preferably lukewarm tea. It is true that the salt moistens the respiratory tract. But especially in combination with sweating, quite a bit of water is extracted from the body.

Natural crystal salt

But how does such a nebulizer actually work? The answer is quite simple: with ultrasound. In this way, salt can actually be nebulized very finely, just like in nature. The ultrasound sets saline water into such fine vibrations that the molecules accelerate and whirl around in the air. The result is a fine mist that leaves only minimal deposits on the furniture.

In principle, you can use any salt for the nebulizer. However, it is recommended to use high-quality products. This way you will get the most health benefits from the applications. Many users swear by natural crystal salt. However, Emser salts and pure sea salt are also perfectly suitable for use in such a device.

Salt brine nebulizer for sauna and infrared heat cabin

However, you can use the nebulizer not only in your sauna. As already mentioned, it creates such a fine mist that almost no moisture gets on the furniture. In this respect, you can also install these devices in your infrared heat cabin without hesitation.

With this combination, you do something really good for yourself and your health. The infrared heat cabin stimulates your blood circulation, and the fine salt mist cares for your respiratory tract and your skin. There are special, smaller devices for infrared cabins on the market. This way, not too much salt is nebulized.

Only the best for your health

You can also nebulize salt brine in a steam shower. The hot steam already has a positive effect on your mucous membranes. If you additionally nebulize salt under the steam shower, you get the best for your health out of the relaxing bath. Most devices that you can find in stores, you can safely use in your steam shower or bathroom.

Any moisture usually does not bother the nebulizers. However, if you plan to use it in such a way, you should read the description again carefully or ask the dealer. This is because a few models could be damaged by heavy moisture.


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Sole nebulizer for infrared cabins and sauna cabins

Due to the strong and natural effect of salt, it has been used as a remedy since ancient times. In the GP-Saltair brine nebulizer, salt is used as a salt water solution called brine. Brine is successfully used for a wide range of ailments and for many chronic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, or hay fever. With a diameter of 1 to 10 micrometers, the droplets can penetrate deep into the lungs. Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, acne or psoriasis are also treated with salt by dermatologists, as it has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Alternative: Salt vaporizer for the sauna

The vaporizer system produces gentle steam that rises through a stainless steel tube into the ceramic vaporizer pot. The salt crystals inside are permanently flushed out with the steam. In this way, the air in the sauna is enriched with salt, valuable minerals and important trace elements. The salt-rich air corresponds to the sea climate and is a benefit for your skin and respiratory tract.

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