Menthol crystals for sauna

Menthol crystals are used for infusions in the sauna. They make sauna a unique experience – both for sauna novices and sauna professionals. What's the deal with this flavoring? How is an infusion with the sauna ice crystals performed? And what effect does menthol have on humans?
Interesting facts about sauna menthol crystals and their effect

Interesting facts about sauna menthol crystals and their effect

What are menthol crystals? Menthol is the name given to the essential oils of certain herbs. These herbs include peppermint, oregano, thyme, sage, and basil. Menthol can be obtained naturally or produced artificially. The fragrance has disinfectant properties. In medicine, it is used for ointments and in respiratory diseases. It is also used in toothpaste and as an additive in chewing gum and candies.

What is perhaps less well known is that the crystals are also excellent as an infusion substitute for the sauna. Good menthol sauna crystals are made from pure, natural mint oil. You can buy them on the Internet as small packaged packets or as a container in a 1 kg bucket. For home use, however, a small amount of crystals is sufficient.

Use of menthol crystals in the sauna

Menthol crystals for sauna infusions are sold under the name “Sauna crystals” or “Sauna ice crystals”. They emit a long-lasting, intense fragrance. It is important not to use more than the recommended amount. Otherwise, you risk irritation of the respiratory tract. The special thing about sauna crystals is that they can also be used dry. Here is an overview of three possible infusion variants:

Variant 1: The water infusion method

The first variant for infusions in the sauna with crystals is the normal water infusion. You simply add a few crystals to the infusion water. Or you put the crystals in the ladle and pour water over them. When infusing, it means to proceed very carefully. The menthol crystals should be placed on the sauna stones. They must not slip between the stones and come into contact with the heating rods.

Variant 2: The dry infusion method

In this method, a few small sauna crystals are placed directly on the hot sauna stones. Some prefer to place the crystals in an evaporator bowl, which is placed on the stones. The larger the sauna, the more crystals can be used. You can use between one and two, but not more than three sauna crystals per sauna session.

Even with this method, it is important that the crystals do not fall between the sauna stones. Use a small pair of tongs to position them. This way you avoid burns when placing the sauna crystals on the hot sauna stones.

Variant 3: The snowball variant

The snowball variant is considered an insider tip and provides the ultimate sauna feeling. If it has just snowed freshly, you can actually use snow. The snow must be absolutely clean, that is very important. But it also works with crushed ice. You can buy it by the bag at gas stations, for example. This is how it’s done: add two to three sauna crystals to the snow or ice.

Then form a nice snowball out of it. You can also make several balls. Then place the balls on the hot sauna stones. While the ball is slowly melting, the menthol scent spreads in the room. Due to the slow melting, the infusion lasts longer than the typical water infusion.

Effect of the sauna crystals

Using ice crystals in the sauna provides a very special sauna experience. What effect can you expect from sauna crystals? In any case, a good, fresh sauna climate – no matter which sauna infusion variant you choose. The menthol vapors clear the respiratory tract and are good for the whole body. You should have tried it once.


What makes menthol crystals so fascinating? It’s their versatility and their ability to transform a time-honored experience. The sauna has been a place of purification and renewal for centuries, and menthol crystals add another dimension to this tradition. The crystals are of interest not only to avid sauna-goers, but also to those looking for new ways to improve their health and well-being.


Menthol crystals made of 100% pure menthol

Thanks to Odoro Essences menthol crystals, you are guaranteed to breathe freely in your sauna. These ice crystals are part of the basic equipment of every Finnish sauna. Convince yourself of the natural Odoro Essenzen menthol crystals. This menthol is isolated from mint. Even at low doses, the crystals have a strong cooling effect. Their intense and clear mint scent clears the respiratory tract and provides a fresh tingling sensation on the skin. The long-lasting scent turns the sauna session into an “ice-cold” and refreshing experience of a very special kind.

Mentholkristalle aus 100% reinem Menthol. 50g...

LoWell® – Menthol Crystals

Transform an ordinary sauna session into an incomparable experience. Ice mint not only provides a cooling change in the heat of the sauna, but also lets you breathe again. Menthol occurs naturally in all plants of the genus Mentha. Up to a temperature of about 42 °C the crystals are solid, above this temperature the melting process begins. The application is possible with and without water. For this purpose, 1-3 crystals are placed on the hot stones with a ladle or dissolved in the infusion water and poured over the stones. The entire sauna is transformed into a firework of freshness in no time.

Angebot LoWell® 100g Mentholkristalle aus 100% reiner Minze - Ideal...

Evaporator Bowl for Icebits- Ice Crystals-Menthol Crystals

For adding menthol crystals / sauna ice crystals, an evaporator bowl is particularly suitable. Fill the bowl with some water, put menthol crystals in it and then place them carefully on the hot sauna stones.

Angebot Verdampferschale Für Icebits- Eiskristalle -...

Warning: overdose can cause severe respiratory distress and even respiratory arrest. Therefore, the crystals must never get into the hands of children! Always test the required dosage before use. Depending on the size of the sauna, a very small knife tip of Mentol crystals to approx. 4 ltr. of water is sufficient. Menthol crystals are very intense and if used improperly may even cause a flash fire during infusion. Crystals stored in plastic buckets may take on the odor and release it back into the environment when used. Be sure to follow the warnings on the packaging.


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