Making the perfect sauna broom

Sauna brooms are made from different types of wood, the most popular among them is birch. In Finland this is called Vihta and in Russia Venik. Such a sauna broom massages the body and gives it health, vitality and well-being.
Oak broom for a bath on wooden surface

Types of sauna brooms and manufacture

What would be the sauna without the right broom? Here we are not talking about the practical cleaning utensil, but a soothing massage from young twigs. The best part is that you can easily make this accessory yourself. To do this, you do not even need to have manual skills, and not necessarily become a botanist. In fact, a sauna broom is quite easy to make yourself in just a few steps.

What does a sauna broom consist of?

Basically, it is young tree branches that are tied together. Branches of oak, eucalyptus, birch or lime are particularly suitable for this purpose. Some of these branches emit a subtle aroma during use, which can also contribute to relaxation.

How to make a sauna broom?

Of course, you can make it easy for yourself and simply order a ready-made sauna broom on the Internet. However, you should then bear in mind that the fresh aromas will evaporate in transit. So if you want to focus on real relaxation, a little handicraft work is not wrong…

Harvesting and making a sauna beast

  1. When making sauna brooms, you should cut the branches only in dry weather. Also, you should not harvest the sauna brooms in the early morning when the dew is still there. Otherwise, leaves wetted by rain or dew will darken or curl as they dry. Also, wetted leaves quickly wither, may begin to ferment and lose their leaves after the first session.
  2. For the same reason, the twigs should not be washed before drying.
  3. For the manufacture of the branches it is necessary to choose places as far as possible from roads, industrial plants, hospitals and urban garbage dumps.
  4. For the manufacture of brooms should use branches 40-60 cm long, otherwise it would be impractical to tie them.
  5. Before proceeding to drying, you should tie the branches into a bouquet, remove the leaves on a third of their length, and then tie them tightly together with a string preferably made of natural materials.
  6. Let the made brooms dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place (in a shed in the attic, etc.), turning them every day until the leaves are dry. Then the brooms can be stacked tightly on top of each other.
  7. The finished brooms should be stored in the dark, otherwise they will lose some of their effect. Sunlight destroys the chlorophyll and the broom turns yellow. For this reason, drying brooms in the sun is not suitable.

What are the types of sauna tassels?

Sauna tassels made of oak: For this variant, it is best to visit a densely leafy oak forest. Harvesting of the branches should take place in early July, because then the branches are nice and supple. This will also significantly extend the shelf life of your sauna beast. After that, the branches must be dried in a dark and well-ventilated place.

Tassel made of eucalyptus: Admittedly, this type of wood is not really often found in our latitudes. But before you browse the Internet, you can now also quite find in a larger nursery. In fact, this species, which originates from Australia, has been very popular for some time, as it is effective against insect infestation. By the way, the branches are particularly useful when the harvest takes place in early July. Also in this variant, an airy, shady place serves for drying.

Broom made of linden flowers: this natural massager is especially appreciated by women, because the branches are nice and soft. At the beginning of July, the trees are in full splendor. If the harvest takes place at this time, you can enjoy particularly supple branches.

Sauna broom from birch: essential oil contained in birch leaves helps cleanse the lungs – its vapors dilate the bronchi and remove mucus. Birch leaves contain essential oils, vitamin C and A. After application, the skin looks smooth and elastic. Treatment with a birch sauna broom also benefits the scalp and hair. The harvest takes place at the beginning of July.

How to use the broom?

The broom must first be prepared in cold water before the sauna session. To do this, completely immerse the entire branches for about 30 minutes. After that, place the broom upright in the water so that the leaves are not covered with liquid. Leave the branches in this position for another half hour. Then, in the sauna, simply submerge the broom completely in a bucket of water once again and then the fun can begin!


A trip to the sauna is actually not complete without the right tools. A broom made of fresh branches should not be missing. It adds a subtle aroma to the air in the room and provides a particularly relaxing massage through gentle strokes on the back.

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Fragrant moments 10 x sauna birch brushwood

Tapping with the birch puff relaxes the muscles, helps with pain, relieves tension and gets the entire circulation going. Different essential oils support the breathing. During the process, the body is cleansed, purified and detoxified. By inhaling the essential oils, you can do something good for your body!

Dufte Momente 10 x Birken Reisig aus Ernte 2023 - beliebt...

Finnish oak tassel

For the production of oak tassels, it is best to use densely leafy oak trees. Unlike eucalyptus or birch branches, oak branches are much stronger. This allows for a stronger and firmer massage with the oak puff. The time of harvesting and tying is also important. This is because it ensures that the tassel becomes particularly supple and resistant. The harvest usually takes place at the beginning of July. For drying, an airy, preferably shady place is chosen.

Finnischer EichenQuast'Vihta'

Eucalyptus tassel

As a complement to the birch tassel, the eucalyptus tassel is an optimal addition. Fresh eucalyptus branches are used to make the eucalyptus tassel. Its intense essential oils clear the respiratory tract and spread a soothing fragrance. Here, too, the time of harvesting and binding plays a decisive role. It gives the tassel special suppleness and longevity. Harvesting is traditionally done at the beginning of July. Drying takes place in an airy, shady place.

Well Solutions Sauna Reisig Saunaquast (Eukalyptus)

Linden blossom brushwood

The tassel of linden blossoms is made from the densely leafy linden trees. The tassel of lime blossom is the most filigree tassel. It is harvested very fresh in July. The lime blossom tassel is very soft and therefore particularly gentle to the skin. It is often used by women in the sauna. The time of harvesting and the time of tying are of great relevance. In this way, the tassel becomes particularly supple and resistant.

Lindenblüten Reisig für Sauna ca. 40-50cm


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