Is it allowed to go to sauna after lip filling? – All facts and risks at a glance

Do you intend to have your lips filled and wonder if you can go to the sauna after the treatment? We will inform you about all facts and risks connected with visiting the sauna after lip filling. So you know your health risks and can make the right decisions.
What is lip filler and how is it performed?
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What is lip filler, and how is it performed?

Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure that uses hyaluronic acid or other fillers to improve the volume and shape of the lips. The procedure begins with a detailed consultation with the attending physician, who takes into account the patient’s individual wishes and expectations. During the actual treatment, a local anesthetic is used to avoid pain. Hyaluronic acid is then injected into the lips, creating a natural and full look.

The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 minutes to one hour. After treatment, patients may experience mild swelling and redness, but this should subside within a few days. After a lip filling procedure, patients should be sure to follow the doctor’s recommended rules of conduct to avoid complications. This includes avoiding sauna visits for the first few days after the procedure, as the heat and humidity can interfere with the healing process.

What are the risks of lip filler?

There are several risks with lip plumping that should be considered. The most common complications include swelling, bruising, and redness around the treated lips. Allergic reactions to the material used may also occur. Another risk is that the lips may look uneven or asymmetrical. To minimize these risks, patients should only be treated by experienced and qualified physicians and should have a detailed consultation before the treatment. In general, patients should be aware that lip augmentation always carries certain risks and should therefore be carefully considered.

When is it allowed to go to the sauna after lip filler?

After lip filler, many people ask themselves when they can go to the sauna again. After the treatment, the lips are sensitive, and it may take a few days to heal completely. Therefore, it is recommended not to go to the sauna for at least 1 to 2 weeks. Heat and humidity can interfere with the healing process and cause swelling or inflammation. Ultimately, it is better to be patient and give yourself enough time to recover after the treatment to achieve the best results.

In addition to avoiding saunas and steam rooms and infrared cabins, you should also avoid strenuous physical activities such as intense workouts or sports for the first 1 to 2 weeks after treatment. Excessive exertion can lead to increased blood flow to the lip area and possibly cause swelling or other adverse effects.

Hot tubs, tanning beds and environments with high temperatures should also be avoided. These can cause blood vessels to dilate and lips to become more sensitive, increasing the risk of swelling and other adverse effects.

Summary and further recommendations after lip filling

After a lip filler procedure, there are certain activities and behaviors that should be avoided to prevent potential complications and achieve the best possible results. Here are some things that are not recommended after lip augmentation:

  • Sauna and steam bath: avoid sauna visits and steam baths for at least 1-2 weeks after treatment. The heat and humidity in these environments can cause swelling and adverse reactions.
  • Strenuous physical activity: Avoid strenuous physical activity, intense exercise or sports for the first 1-2 weeks after treatment. Excessive physical exertion may increase blood flow to the lip area and increase the risk of swelling or other adverse effects.
  • Hot tubs and hot baths: refrain from visiting hot tubs, hot baths or hot springs. The heat can cause blood vessels to dilate and increase the risk of swelling and adverse effects.
  • Tanning Bed/Solarium: avoid visits to tanning beds or prolonged sunbathing, as UV rays can increase lip sensitivity. Sun exposure can also cause inflammation or pigment changes.
  • Lip massage or manipulation: Do not touch, massage or manipulate treated lips unnecessarily, as this may cause displacement of the filler or adverse reactions.
  • Smoking: It is strongly recommended that you do not smoke after a lip filler procedure. Smoking can interfere with the healing process and reduce blood flow to the lips, which can lead to slower healing. In addition, the chemical components of smoke can cause irritation and inflammation of the treated lips.
  • Alcohol slows healing: alcohol can interfere with the healing process by altering blood flow and metabolism. This may result in delayed healing of the treated lips.
  • Makeup: After lip augmentation, it is important not to apply makeup to the lip area, especially for the first 24 hours. The treated lips need time to settle and heal. Applying makeup may irritate the lips or infect the puncture site. After the first 24 hours, you can carefully apply makeup, but you should be cautious and refrain from vigorous rubbing or scrubbing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: try to avoid direct sunlight on your lips. If necessary, wear a hat, cap, or scarf to protect the lip area from the sun.
  • Flying: Flying in an airplane after lip plumping can be particularly challenging. The altitude and air pressure in the plane can cause swelling and discomfort. It is recommended that you consult your physician before flying, especially if you have recently been treated. Your doctor can give you specific instructions and recommend measures, if necessary, to minimize the potential effects of flying on treated lips.


Overall, it is very important that you listen to your doctor’s advice and instructions after lip augmentation. Every person and every treatment is unique, and your doctor knows your individual needs and the condition of your lips best. By following the specific recommendations, you can achieve the best possible results and minimize any potential risks or complications.

It is advisable to avoid activities such as sauna visits, steam baths, strenuous exercise, hot tubs, tanning beds, and high temperatures for at least 1-2 weeks after treatment. You should also be cautious when it comes to sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol consumption, as these factors can interfere with the healing process and affect the desired aesthetic result.

If you have any questions, concerns or uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. He or she is the best source of information and can give you individualized advice tailored to your specific situation. Following aftercare instructions is critical to minimizing the risk of complications and achieving the desired aesthetic result.

Remember that healing time after lip augmentation can vary from person to person. Be patient and give your body the time it needs to recover. If you diligently follow your doctor’s recommendations and provide proper aftercare, you can enjoy the results of your treatment in the long run.


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