Sauna safely: What you should know about medications and sauna use

Sauna and medication: a safe combination or a risk to health?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna session, you should be aware of the combination with medication beforehand. Sauna and medication can be a harmless combination if you follow the rules. With the right measures, you can minimize the risk to your health and benefit from sauna therapy in every way.

Introduction: Sauna and piercings - a delicate combination?

Sauna visit with piercing: Which body parts are problematic?

A visit to the sauna offers numerous health benefits and is a favorite means of relaxation for many people. But for people with piercings, going to the sauna can present some challenges. In this article you will learn on which parts of the body piercings can cause problems during a visit to the sauna and how you can minimize possible risks.

The effects of high heat on your body

Sauna: Is sauna bathing associated with risks?

A visit to the sauna is not only relaxing and vitalizing, but also beneficial for overall health. But with temperatures averaging 176 °F, not everyone is able to enjoy this kind of preventive health treatment. Therefore, before visiting the sauna should be well-informed and pay attention to the advice of medical professionals.